An Amazing Experience…
APCA’s Campus Activities Planning Conferences provide your organization with excellent opportunities to network with other campuses! You can meet new programming vendors, find new talent for your campus activities program, and update your professional training with the latest information and techniques available. APCA Campus Activities Planning Conferences are held in safe, attractive and popular destinations, and are fully insured for the protection of your students and staff.

Affordable Professional Development Opportunities
Across the country, schools are facing dwindling student populations, retention and recruitment challenges, and stiffer competition for tuition dollars. APCA Professional Development sessions can help you attach, engage and retain your students through a vibrant student life program. Participants will have these topics and others to choose from to enhance student success and retention on your campus:
• Front Loading Student Events
• Residential / Commuter Engagement Strategies
• Online Student Engagement / Esports Program Training
• Campus Event Programming Strategies for Improved Retention
• Assessing your Student Success and Retention Efforts

Bring Home Trained and Motivated Programming Boards
Get your Programming Board motivated and excited with APCA ed sessions and interactive workshops! APCA sessions are given by top presenters in the market, covering topics like:
• Diversity and Inclusive Programming Education
• Best Practices for Campus Event Planning & Production
• Board Member Recruitment and Retention Sessions
• Commuter/Community Activities Programming
• Student Leadership Training
• Social Media Marketing Techniques
…and much more!

Get New Resources to Help You Program Like a Rock Star!
You can meet new contacts, book attractions for your campus programs, and stock up on the latest resources for your board at APCA! Every APCA fall conference will feature Associates (APCA member agencies, artists, speakers, etc.) representing the showcasing attractions. All exhibiting Associates are APCA members, bound by APCA ethics and sensitivity guide lines. They can answer questions, explain rider and contract terms, and generally give member schools all the information they need to bring an artist or service to their campus event.

Save enough on booking novelties, speakers, and talent to pay for your trip!
Do you need to save BIG money on your campus activities events? Are you trying to plan a LOT of events with a LITTLE money? You’re not alone. Over 75% of our schools have Student Life Programming Budgets of $50,000 or less! Yet they are planning full calendars of events, getting well known acts in the college market, and doing it for less than their peers.

How do they do it? They work together at the APCA Campus Activities Planning Conferences to use their combined buying power in the APCA Cooperative Buying program! It’s EASY and IT REALLY WORKS! In some cases, you can save up to 30% off the price of entertainment and speakers by taking advantage of Cooperative Buying!

The APCA Cooperative Buying program gives APCA conference delegates the ability to merge their buying power, offering artists a block of engagement dates in a specified time period in exchange for a lower price and sharing of travel costs with other schools. Your board can book their entire calendar at an APCA Campus Activities Programming Conference, and with the APCA Cooperative Buying discounts, they can do it much more affordably than anywhere else!

APCA Conferences feature showcases where attendees can see the best talent in the campus market for themselves. Each delegate receives a conference program complete with bios and pictures of the acts, lecturers, etc. performing at the various showcases. APCA showcases feature environment appropriate comedy, music, performing arts, films, lectures, novelties, imprint services and more.