All About APCA Conferences!

For artists and agents

Live Conferences

Each year, over 600 schools and 2000+ students and higher education professionals attend APCA conferences and institutes!

At APCA conferences, you can showcase in front of hundreds of college representatives! You’ll have the opportunity to network with buyers at Exhibit Halls and book blocks of shows with these campuses during the APCA Cooperative Buying Sessions. Conference options include:

  • Live Showcase (MainStage or Purposeful Programming)
  • Exhibit Hall (a booth must be purchased with each showcase)
  • Live Booth Demos
  • Roving Showcases (great for novelty acts and street performers!)
  • Late Night Events
  • Keynotes

Educational Sessions

Associates can apply to present Educational Sessions at any conference they are registered to attend. Ideal for speakers and purposeful programming artists, Ed Sessions are a great way to get more exposure at no additional cost! Here are a few examples of presentation topics:

  • Student Leadership Development
  • Advisor Professional Development
  • Student Organization Recruitment & Retention
  • Publicity and Promotion
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness
  • LGBTQ Programming & Inclusiveness
  • Event Planning
  • Assessment of Programs
  • Student Engagement

Join our professional development team by presenting an Educational Session at an upcoming event!

Cooperative Buying Sessions

APCA Cooperative Buying is a program that gives the schools and talent buyers attending APCA conferences the ability to merge their buying power, offering performers/speakers a block of dates in a specified time period in exchange for a lower price and sharing of travel costs with other schools. Cooperative Buying pricing blocks are listed as follows

For On-Campus Events
  • Isolated – A single date
  • 2 events in 3 days * (within a reasonable distance for travel)
  • 3 events in 5 days *
  • 5 events in 7 days *

By booking during Cooperative Buying at APCA Conferences, the schools and talent buyers save their programming budgets and you get a full calendar of dates!

Exhibit Halls

Associates are APCA member agencies, artists, performers, speakers, etc. representing the showcasing attractions. All exhibiting associates are APCA members, and bound by APCA ethics and sensitivity guidelines.

Conference exhibitors can be found in their booths during designated Exhibit Hall hours. They can answer questions, explain rider and contract terms, and generally give member schools all the information they need to bring an artist or vendor to their campus event. Typical booths will have bios, pictures, sample contracts and cooperative buying forms available.

Showcasing Artist Profiles

Showcasing Artists will be featured with Artist Profiles on our site leading up to and during the conference! Your profile appears in our online “Find Talent” Artist Gallery by genre(s), and this is open to all visitors of the APCA website – not just member schools. Want to keep your profile active all year long? Artist Profiles are complimentary with various Membership Levels, and schools and talent buyers can view your profile and submit an Attraction Interest (AI) form at any time during your membership year.