Wani Iris Manly, Esq.

Wani Iris Manly, Esq., is a TEDx and award-winning speaker, attorney, and author. An entrepreneur, Wani is the founder of the House of Inspirational Business based in Paris, France, the law firm W. Manly, P.A., and Where Inspiration Meets Law LLC, the best legal resource for entrepreneurs.

Wani is also the bestselling author of “Get Out Of SURVIVAL MODE And Live the Life You Really Want,” and is best known for her daredevil move to Paris in 2012--- a city where she knew no one, not one word of French, without a Plan, purely on following universal signs over the course of a year that led her to France clearly demonstrating that if you're going to live life, live it as a daring adventure.

Wani’s philosophy for success in life is quite simple. You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago. In other words, evolve, and become the best version of you.

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