Virtual Henna Art Workshops

These workshops teach the artistic concepts of henna design without using actual henna. Don’t worry, no artistic ability is needed. These are fun!

Workshops begin with a brief henna primer that includes a summary of henna history and dispelling henna misinformation. This mini-lecture is about 5-8 minutes depending on the class and can include visuals. Workshops can be structured with or without live student interaction and a running Q&A chat.
Workshops include free downloadable content that can be used after, and students only need paper and a writing utensil to take part in the workshop.

Henna 101 - Elemental Henna

Mandala Madness Henna

Henna Around the World

Henna Design Games

All classes specifically designed by Jody and engineered for the virtual classroom. Jody is a well-known instructor in the henna profession and has been teaching henna to students of all levels for over fifteen years. A dynamic instructor known for her lively workshops, she is an expert at encouraging student engagement and fostering self-confidence in students.