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Lanakilas – Polynesian Show

Aloha! My name is Lanakilas. I’m Polynesian. My homeland is called “the Crossroad of the Pacific,” due to the many and varied cultural influences that have shaped who we are today. I would like to share my diverse culture with you through music, dance, costumes, stories, audience participation, history, language, and learning. I’m sure you are familiar with the Hawaiian word luau. It means “feast,” and that is what our show is . . . a feast of sights and sounds unlike anything you’ve ever seen. We have appeared on the Travel Channel, The Ellen Show, MTV, Emeril Live, and more. Best of all, the show can be tailored to fit your needs. Contact Carol and tell her your needs — we will custom craft a 1, 2, 3, or more performer-show perfect for you. So, I welcome you to come “feast” with us. Thank you. Aloha.