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Campus Escapes


Campus Escapes brings the worldwide craze of live escapes to your school, putting you inside the game with a team to physically participate in the story. Besides being great entertainment, our fully mobile escape rooms are designed to get groups focused on leadership & team building. Players work together using the available tools and their collective logic to solve the game in a set period of time.

Choose from one of our four games, or mix and match rooms! Each game—whether it's The Philosopher, The Mystery on Mount Olympus, Space Calls: Infinite Horizon, or Totally Tubular 80s Party—spins a unique story that unfolds as the participants play. Each room's puzzles and decorations are set up by a game operator, with little in tech needs aside from tables and electricity. This same operator then performs as a character in that game's story to craft an immersive and thrilling experience.

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