Kyra Madison

Kyra Madison is the direct descendant of Coreen (an enslaved Cook) and James Madison   (4th United States’ President).  Kyra speaks about the shared experience of Black America being disinherited (both individually and as a community) from the founding opportunities of land, wealth and privilege afforded White America.  This disparity created by over 400 of years of sanctioned enslavement and the following systemically racist Jim Crow laws necessitates the discussion of equitable inclusion initiates and institutional reparations.

Kiki’s Fabulous Game Show!

The world’s leading Drag Queen Hypnotist is now bringing you a game show experience that is a fabulous as she is! Kiki is now on tour after a headlining engagement – hosting one of the largest drag venues in the country 4 nights a week since 2019. She recently has been featured on TedX, a national Google Fiber commercial campaign, and other television and magazine articles around the country. When not in drag Kiki is more formally known as Victor Le’Yon: the Avant Garde Mentalist performing nationwide. Kiki offers Trivia, Bingo, Jeopardy, or family feud in an interactive show featuring fabulous prizes, comedy, and live drag performances!

Christian Sparacio

Christian Sparacio is a former college football player turned musician from Marlboro, NJ. After years of keeping his musical passion secret, he opened the floodgates to music upon his enrollment at George School, a Quaker boarding school in Newtown, PA. His music demonstrates the sense of calm he found in between football and his musical dream. Call it melancholy longing or a bittersweet nostalgia, Sparacio’s music connects one with their desperate yearning for the past without sacrificing their fervent pursuit for the future. Torn between all the paths of life, winding forward and back, Sparacio delivers a unique indie-pop/folk sound everyone can find comfort in.

Dr. June

Dr. June Hall, affectionately known as Dr. June, is a syndicated advice columnist with distribution to over 400 newspapers. She founded Time to APT (Accentuate Positive Thinking), with programs to help others personally and professionally. She has been the keynote for the Mental Health Association, CARE Foundation, Girl Scouts, Polk State College, Broward College, St. Leo University and more. As a media personality, she is host of her talk show Cooking up Advice and is an expert panelist on shows such as NBC Bloom TV, Daytime, and CBS Great Day Live.

David Zach

David Zach is the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Remedy Drive as well as an advocate in the fight against human trafficking. When not touring with the band David spends time overseas as a volunteer undercover operative with the abolitionist group The Exodus Road.

While overseas David spends time in brothels and clubs in the red-light districts where underage girls and boys are sold by the hour. His role while undercover is to identify instances of minors being sold and to capture actionable evidence of their trafficking using covert gear, some of which is funded by the Remedy Drive community and fan base. That evidence is used to make rescues and arrests in partnership with local authorities.

The idea that ordinary human beings can impact change for freedom and justice is central to the message David brings to audiences across the world.

Cody Clayton Eagle from American Idol

Cody Clayton Eagle is a twenty-year-old accomplished country musician hailing from the hills of West Virginia. Cody’s musical ability is only matched by his humble demeanor, and dedication to his craft, which are two traits that are very difficult to maintain. While Cody’s career in music is still fresh, his accomplishments match that of a veteran in the industry. Cody has shared the stage with a plethora of talented individuals, such as Jason Michael Carroll, Slaughter, George Shingleton, Charles W. Godwin, Rick K and the Allnighters and John Moreland.  But, of all of his accomplishments his most well-known came in the form of a gold ticket to Hollywood given to him by the judges of ABC’s American Idol.
Many artists would use validation of three yes votes in one of the country’s biggest talent shows to slack off and take a back seat, but not Cody. This opportunity lit a fire in Cody to dedicate much of his time to perfecting his craft and begin his journey as a professional singer/songwriter. Shortly after his trip to Hollywood, Cody began working with a group of highly talented musicians and producers to help produce his first single “I Will Sing” which first debuted on May 24th, 2019. Cody utilized his time with these individuals and honed in on his songwriting abilities which then led him to his next big achievement; reaching the semifinal round of Nashville Rising Song.

Cody’s passion for country music is heightened by the artists that he looks up to such as the immensely talented Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks, and the wildly popular Luke Combs. However, Cody isn’t just a one trick pony as he loves performing just about any genre of music and does so expertly. You can find Cody playing all over the great state of West Virginia and beyond by following all of his social media outlets and keeping up to date with his performance calendar.

As a West Virginia native, Cody works diligently to make his home state proud and succeeds in his efforts with every performance, every song, and every note.

Amal Kassir

Amal Kassir is a Syrian American poet, born and raised in Denver Colorado to an Arab father and an American convert mother. She has performed & taught in 13 countries and cities all over, in venues ranging from orphanages to refugee camps to youth prisons to churches. At the University of Colorado Denver, designed her own undergraduate major, titled Community Programming in Social Psychology, where she has been able to create programs for a range of causes and people. She is currently a youth mentor, a writing teacher, and a traveling poet. She is also the program manager of the Mental Wellness Program for Muslim Youth for Positive Impact in Colorado, working to dismantle the stigma around mental health in the Muslim Community. You can find her every Wednesday on Instagram live teaching the House of Amal Writing Hour.

“End Hate Now” w/ Preacher Moss

Sometimes you have step back and take a creative approach to address the social ills of hate. Comedian, and Master Teacher on race identity issues, Preacher Moss has reliably delivered the most creative and humorous strategies to college campuses, on the issues of race and hate.
An award-winning comedian, Moss, described by Dave Chappelle as “a bad MF,” possesses the rare ability to reach audiences at the levels where they are. Unapologetically, Moss “brings the funny, and the facts on the power of diversity, equity, and empowerment to combat negative, and dysfunction effects of hate in its various forms.”


People love to connect. Our band, Songwheels, wants to connect with you, live in the moment. When we take the stage , you’ll have free access to a custom song menu, just a touch away on a mobile device. Choose from a variety of moods, genres, and build your own playlist. Based on suggestions from the crowd, we’ll change our style to fit the vibes. Pump it up and a dance-party might break out. Choose a classic, and everybody will stop to sing along. Keep it chill, so folks can socialize on their own terms. No need to yell or leave your spot. If you’re planning to connect people from their homes, you can stream a show, and enjoy us from your couch. Even without suggestions, we’ll still feel out the room and put on a great show. Give it a spin.

Victor LeYon

Cool, Calm, Collected, and Hilarious! Hypnotist, Mentalist, Drag Queen, and Comedian – Victor Le’Yon does it all. Known as The “Avant-Garde” Mentalist and the nation’s leading Drag Queen Hypnotist –  Victor brings fashion, wit, and their charming personality to your event in hysterical and mind-blowing presentations. They’ve performed for television, theaters, colleges, and corporate events across the nation. They are an LGBTQIA+ advocate and person of non-binary experience who has overcome harassment, violence, neglect, and homelessness. Today Victor travels the country as a professional entertainer after headlining and managing one of the largest drag venues in the country, being featured on TedX, and headlining a national Google Fiber commercial campaign.