You want some money? Of course you do. When it comes to getting the cheddar, you have to know who has the cheese and what types of businesses will give it to you. It’s much easier than you think. There are people all around you who want to put money in your pockets, but you must know who to ask and how to ask them. Look closely at these five pointers for getting the right people on your team.

When looking for potential donors, pay close attention to which local companies advertise on your campus. Start by looking at who advertises in campus newspapers or passes out coupons around the residence halls. They are paying to have access to you! Don’t spend all your time going to the same places that all of the other organizations visit. You’re smarter than that. Look in all the cracks, uncover every stone. There is no shortage of money, only a shortage of people who are willing to do what it takes to get the money.

Make it as easy as possible for them to help you. Offer to pick up their donation as soon as they are ready to give it to you.

Be very persuasive, but ultimately flexible with their giving options. Be grateful for whatever you receive, even if it’s less than what you were originally asking for. Never forget that they don’t have to give you anything!

Business people are real people too, so be likeable. People do business (and this is indeed a business move) with people they like. Be someone that they look forward to hearing from. Give a firm handshake, show your Kool-Aid smile, speak with confidence and sou

Invite them to the event. Let them see first-hand where their time, money or services are going. This is a great opportunity to shine. Everyone in the group should pour on the gratitude. Even giving your donors a standing ovation at the end of the program shouldn’t be out of the question.

I know that this can be a stretch for some of you but understand that the worst thing that anyone can say to you is “no.” However, every no that you get means that you’re one step closer to a yes. Trust me, the harvest is plentiful. Get out there and get funded!

This article is an excerpt from the collegiate bestseller Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! by Jonathan Sprinkles. Jonathan is a nationally-acclaimed leadership and motivational speaker. He was nominated as the 2004 COLLEGE SPEAKER OF THE YEAR by APCA. For more information on Jonathan or to schedule him for an event, please visit www.jsprinkles.com or email him at info@jsprinkles.com

Before you visit or call them, ask yourself, “What one thing do I want them to remember about me? What one thing do I want them to remember about my organization or this event?” These two questions should dictate how your carry yourself around your donors. You can do it!