APCA Virtual Conferences

APCA has added Virtual Campus Activities Planning Conferences in addition to our live conferences. Virtual Conferences offer many of the same activities as live conferences, such as: educational sessions, novelties, awards ceremonies, competitions, community service projects, and live and recorded showcases. Our events provide your organization opportunities to network with students and advisors from other schools, and meet and engage with agencies, vendors, and artists for virtual and live event planning needs for your campus. 

Virtual Conferences

At APCA virtual conferences, you'll experience live and recorded showcases by the best artists in the college market — musicians, campus speakers, comedians, magicians, and much more. You will have the opportunity to provide amazing talent for your student body, both live or virtually, and save your programming budget with our APCA Cooperative Buying Program. Here are some benefits for your campus:

  • Those interested in joining the Virtual Conference only need to purchase a Virtual Pass for the entire fall semester!  This Pass will be your ticket to the Fall Virtual receptfritt-potensmedel Conference, as well as additional workshops, training sessions, round tables, networking and engagement with students and advisors throughout the semester.
  • Your board can save money with the APCA full-time enrollment and cooperative buying discounts. The vast majority of all showcasing acts are listed at a $2,500 isolated price or less for live events, and under $1,000 for virtual events!
  • APCA offers security and a standard of safe and appropriate conduct by which the association members are bound.
  • Even though we'd love to have you as an active APCA member, any campus activities advisor or event buyer from a college, university, or the military is eligible to attend our events as a non-member.
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Schools Register for your APCA 2021/2022 Annual Virtual Passes Today!

Virtual Passes Vaild from 1/1/21 thru 5/31/21

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Join us and see why our Educational Sessions
have over 95% “Excellent” ratings on session evaluations!

Virtual Educational Sessions

Get your students and staff motivated and excited with APCA educational sessions, roundtable discussions, forums, and interactive workshops! Our educational sessions are presented by professional speakers, advisors, and students covering topics such as:










Cooperative Buying Sessions

APCA Cooperative Buying is a program that gives the schools attending APCA conferences the ability to merge their buying power, offering performers/speakers a block of dates in a specified time period (for live events) in exchange for a lower price and sharing of travel costs (when applicable) with other schools. Cooperative Buying blocks are set up as follows:

For Virtual Events

Isolated - A single date  
2 events 
3 events 
5 or more events 

For Live On-Campus or In-Person Events

Isolated - A single date  
2 events in 3 days
3 events in 5 days
5 events in 7 days

By booking together with other schools (within a certain number of days and miles for live events), you not only get discounted show prices, but travel and lodging are often shared evenly by the schools booking the attraction.

Want to learn more about Cooperative Buying?

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Virtual Engagement with Associates


Associates are APCA member agencies, artists, performers, speakers, etc. representing the showcasing attractions. All exhibiting associates are APCA members, and bound by APCA ethics and sensitivity guidelines.


Associates featured in the virtual conference can be viewed online for the duration of the conference in the  APCA workplace, not just during specific exhibit times! Associates can answer questions, explain rider and contract terms, and generally give schools all the information they need to bring an artist or vendor to their live or virtual event. 



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