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2021 Spring Semester

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Inside the APCA VIRTUAL COMMUNITY WORKPLACE – Participate LIVE, or catch up on missed showcases and sessions any time! Scroll down for more information on the APCA Virtual Community Workplace

April 9-11: Pre-conference activities
April 12-15: Conference Events
April 16-21: Post-conference activities and Cooperative Buying

The conference will feature live showcases, keynotes, and sessions throughout the week, which you can attend live or watch later, so you’ll be able to participate in the entire event without missing your classes and important meetings!

The event will include in-person and virtual programming options for your campus, Cooperative Buying caucuses, and block booking events to help you save money on all of your future campus activities!

Register for the APCA Community Workplace now, and attend all of our virtual events all semester long…INCLUDING the national conference!
APCA Members: only $99 per person!
Non-members: $149 per person

Keynote Speaker

Don't miss the Featured Advisor Keynote on Tuesday, April 13!

Vincent Tinto is a Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at Syracuse University and the former Chair of the Higher Education Program. He has carried out research and has written extensively on higher education, particularly on student success and the impact of learning communities on student growth and attainment. His book, Leaving College, published by the University of Chicago Press, lays out a theory and policy perspective on student success that is considered the benchmark by which work on these issues are judged. His most recent book, Completing College, also published by The University of Chicago Press, lays out a framework for institutional action for student success, describes the range of programs that have been effective in enhancing student success, and the types of policies institutions should follow to successfully implement programs in ways that endure and scale-up over time.

Copy of APCA Virtual Community Workplace

What is APCA Virtual Community Workplace?
This year amidst the social distancing protocols, we were tasked with pivoting to a virtual conference environment. It was then that the APCA Virtual Community Workplace was born and it's become so much more than a virtual event platform.

Stay connected with colleagues all year long
Connecting with your APCA family doesn't have to stop at the conference. When you're in the midst of a planning session, log in and tap into an unprecedented resource: your peers! With private messages, regional and interest groups, and polls, you can stay tapped in all year long.

Get inspired with the latest talent and trends, on your schedule.
We built this community for Campus Activities professionals to have access to the best resources to build their programs and increase student engagement. Each week, we have featured keynotes and presentations exculsively available to the APCA Community Workplace. Join from anywhere, anytime.

Have fun
We're in the business of bringing people together, and we all know that at the heart of it, Campus Activities professionals just want to have fun. Join in on trending conversations about first concerts, share your wins and fails, and bring along your favorite gifs. We're here for it.

Want to learn more?
Get in touch, and we'd be happy to give you a tour of one of the hottest resources available for Campus Activities professionals. The best part? It's super easy to use; it's our own personal Facebook.

Registration to the virtual APCA Community Workplace gives you a user profile in our Community Workplace for the entire semester. Participation in EVERY VIRTUAL EVENT is included with this registration.

    * Student Life Advisor Institute - March 8-10
    * Virtual National Campus Activities Planning Conference: April 12-15, 2021
    * Weekly and Monthly Experts in Residence
    * 24/7 Engagement and Communication with Your Peers

Virtual Community Workplace Prices:

APCA Members: $99 per person
Non-members: $149 per person
Valid 1/1/21-6/30/21

Not an APCA member?
Renew or join today for only $299 (membership covers all organizations, students, and staff on your campus, and is valid through 7/1/21)