Showcasing at Conferences


No Application Fees. Period. WE GUARANTEE IT!

At APCA, we want to help artists - performers, speakers, novelties, vendors, agents - get noticed in the college market and build a fan base of college students that will grow with their careers. To that end, we realize that your money is important to you and so we do not charge a fee to apply for showcases at our conferences. When you register for левитра дженерик one of our events, you will be asked to submit a valid form of payment. However, we will never charge you a cent until we've spoken with you and you have verified that you approve your showcase spot. If, for some reason, we are not able to place you in a showcase, you will not be charged or required to attend unless you choose to do so with a paid exhibit booth and delegate.

We GUARANTEE your showcase acceptance at the Campus Events Planning Conferences or you will not be charged a cent should you choose not to attend. 

Exclusive access to college event buyers and booking agents at invitation-only talent showcases... and you're invited!

Whether you've struggled for years to break into the exclusive, closed circle of college event buyers, or you've just discovered the college market, APCA is your answer. We will introduce you to the people who can make the decisions to hire you, in an environment in which they are there especially to book events for the year for their campuses.

APCA is a national campus events organization that gives you all the resources you need to get noticed and jump-start your career in the campus events market. With video and printed guides, chances to be published in our online Student Activities Journal, exhibiting opportunities for vendors, and especially live showcases and educational sessions where buyers can see you perform live and book you for their campus events, APCA offers you the exclusive opportunity to get seen by this closed circle of selective buyers.

Only APCA members are eligible to attend and showcase at our nationwide events, where many schools do most of their campus event booking for the year... and we GUARANTEE your showcase acceptance at the campus events planning en ese sitio conferences or your booth and delegate fees will be completely refunded should you choose not to attend. We NEVER charge a showcase application fee, and we limit the number of booths in our exhibit hall to give you more exposure and time to connect with with the college buyers. Also, APCA offers the cooperative buying program which is a great asset for building a tour schedule and a loyal base of buyers. Become a member and begin booking your campus tours today! 

Showcase like a star!

Our state-of-the-art production services highlight your talents with professional-quality lighting, sound and audio/visual at every APCA event!

Affordable, in-house backline rentals: make it easy on yourself! 

In partnership with our production company, we now offer backline rentals of current gear at extremely mi sitio competitive prices. Now it's possible to save time and money on travel and equipment costs every time you showcase!

Showcase your talents to college event buyers!

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Types of Showcases Available


Mainstage: A mainstage showcase is geared toward musicians, comedians, variety, and other entertainment- oriented artists. Any such acts may apply for this showcase. There is no price limitation on this category. Mainstage showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Purposeful Programming: A showcase designed to teach learning outcomes to students and advisors for the acts performing. Immediately following each act, the host of the showcase will explain the specific learning out- comes that can be gathered from that particular performance or presentation. This can be very beneficial for the performers on the Purposeful Programming showcase due to the added educational value the schools can take from each of the acts seen. Purposeful Programming showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Late Night Event: This showcase is designed for game shows, hypnotists, dance parties, or anything that cannot physically be showcased in 10 minutes. Late night events are 30 minutes in length (extra time is possible depending on the conference). The total cost of a late night event is the cost of one booth and two non-meal showcases. Late night event showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Emcee: APCA is selecting professional emcees to host showcases at APCA conferences. The emcee will do up to 2 minutes to warm up the audience at the beginning of the showcase and fill in time between acts as needed by the showcase production manager. This type of emcee spot costs nothing to the emcee other than registration for the days they are emceeing. However, this is not an opportunity to showcase. This particular emcee spot is only to serve as an emcee and host.

If an artist is already showcasing and would like to emcee their particular showcase, then that emcee generally does his or her full 10-minute showcase in the opening slot and additional time as required by the showcase production manager for setup in between each act. APCA strongly cautions against applying for an emcee spot unless applicant feels confident that s/he can keep the audience energized during fluctuating amounts of time between acts. Price is same as type of showcase emceed. Pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Roving Artist: Acts in this showcase category include magicians, jugglers, mimes, and other acts capable of per- forming in a “no frills” (e.g.- no lighting, sound, or staging) environment. Typically, these acts are given a designated area in which to showcase during educational session breaks, conference registration, entrances to meals, exhibit halls, etc. A roving artist may also perform in their booth (booth demo) during all exhibit hall hours. Roving artist showcases are priced at $399 per attraction.

Booth Demos: Inflatables, virtual reality machines, artistic workshops, caricature artists, mentalists, sleight-of- hand, balloon twisters, face painters, and other non-musical entities fall in this category. If sound or traffic from a booth demo continuously effects the normal operation of the surrounding booths, it will be closed without a refund of any fees. Booth demos may be performed only during exhibit hall hours inside the booth of the act approved for a booth demo. Booth demos are priced at $199 per attraction.