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Before going through the process of detox, be aware that alcohol cessation has physical manifestations, and the level depends on the severity of the alcohol problem. Many of these psychological symptoms can be diminished through a medical treatment program. Alcohol and benzos act on the body in a similar manner; they have a sedative effect, which means they block certain brain chemicals, slowing brain functions down.

safe alcohol detox

If you need help figuring out how to taper off alcohol, or want to find alcohol detox services near you, our treatment specialists at Vertava Health can help. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis, and in heavy amounts, can build up a person’s tolerance for alcohol and lead to dependence.

Consult An Alcohol Detox Provider

If someone loses control over their drinking and has an excessive desire to drink, it’s known as dependent drinking . People whobinge drink are more likely to behave recklessly and are at greater risk of being in an accident. A small glass (125ml, ABV 12%) of wine contains about 1.5 units of alcohol. If you are worried about your drinking, click here to join us for a free quit drinking webinar today. We all know the dreaded beer belly or general fat drinking can put on. It’s just as important to make sure you are avoiding certain foods as it is to eat healthy during detox. Cut out processed foods, the cookies and anything high in sugar.

As part of alcohol awareness month, it’s only appropriate that those who might otherwise slip through the cracks get some of the advice they need to carry out a home detox successfully. There are two reasons you should have at least one other person with you as you go through alcohol withdrawal at home. The first is that they can help you manage the symptoms of withdrawal if they become too crippling or even call for medical help if necessary.

safe alcohol detox

Rather, they’re designed in much the same way as any medication to treat a long-term medical condition. Due to its stigma, talking about heavy alcohol use can be difficult, but it’s important to be open and honest with your doctor. Of those who develop seizures, about 3 percent may have a more serious type of seizure called status safe alcohol detox epilepticus. This is medical emergency that can lead to disability or death. You may find that now, without alcohol to take the edge off, you notice some other issues you need to deal with. Career dissatisfaction, relationship issues or other simmering sources of discontent may pop up like daisies and demand your attention.

People who are severely dependent or addicted to alcohol should seek medical support for alcohol detox. This support group is for the family, friends, and loved ones of people with alcohol use disorder and other substance use disorders. People with more severe levels of alcohol dependence may experience more serious symptoms. In people with milder levels of alcohol dependence, these may be the only symptoms they experience.

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You can also set goals for yourself and come up with rewards for each milestone you reach and surpass in reducing your drinking. Due to the high alcohol-per-volume measure of hard liquor, it is recommended that those who are tapering off alcohol stick to beer or wine that has a low alcohol content. If you’ve noticed your drinking has become a problem, making the decision to cut down on your drinking is an admirable first step. Stopping all at once, however, may not be the answer if you’re trying to reduce your drinking at home. This can include laboratory tests to assess your overall health and look for markers of prolonged or heavy alcohol use.

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  • This is clearly the most challenging part of detoxing whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or in a fancy inpatient rehab facility.
  • American Addiction Centers is the leading provider for addiction treatment nationwide, specializing in evidence-based treatment and mental healthcare.
  • And once they get through this stage, the symptoms reduce during the 4th to 5th day, but it still varies on a case-to-case basis.
  • Most people with AUD, even those with the most severe alcohol use problems, will benefit from professional alcohol addiction treatment following their completion of detox.
  • Not having just a little drink to get through or cheat days like with a diet.

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People with a severe alcohol addiction, or who experience severe withdrawal symptoms, should seek professional help to safely detox from alcohol. The most severe form of alcohol withdrawal is known as delirium tremens, which develops in about 3 to 5 percent of people with severe alcohol addiction. Delirium tremens is also more common in people of older age, those with a history of seizures, and people with co-occurring illnesses or disorders. Symptoms of delirium tremens can develop within 48 hours and, in some cases, have fatal consequences without proper treatment. Continual observation and experienced care can mitigate these dangers. The amount of time it takes for alcohol detox to begin—in other words, for withdrawal symptoms to kick in—will vary from person to person.

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The single biggest physical risk of detoxification from alcohol is an elevated heart rate. Drinking alcohol depresses your heart rate, and slows down or depresses all your physiological functions.

safe alcohol detox

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Look for the medically reviewed badge on our articles for the most up-to-date and accurate information. The highly trained staff at Summer House will assist in making the detox process safe and comfortable. We not only understand alcoholism, but we have all, at one time, been there ourselves. At Summer House medication is provided to counter the detox withdrawal symptoms and make individuals more comfortable during this important phase. Detox is an important step because until the physical dependency issue is taken care of, no other form of treatment will work.

Alcohol And Pregnancy

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safe alcohol detox

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These can be things like defining the number of days a week you drink or the amount of drinks you can have in a week. If you or someone you know is misusing alcohol, contact a doctor before stopping use. They can assess your condition and advise you on whether you should complete your withdrawal in an inpatient or outpatient setting. The Food and Drug Administration has approved three medications to treat alcohol dependence. Your doctor will ask you for a thorough evaluation of your drinking habits.

For a “social drinker” with a relatively minor drinking history, detoxing should not be a very distressing safe alcohol detox experience. For someone with decades of regular heavy drinking, detox could be a much more serious affair.

For people who don’t have sick time available, or would have to use vacation or time without pay, being able to detox at home is a godsend. But no matter how long it takes, it would be best to have emotional, psychological, and medical support all the way and well past after the first months of detox. Call a medical professional and talk about your entire history and status with alcohol and be transparent about what you are emotionally and, especially, physically feeling. From what we have gathered we will discuss everything you need to know when planning an alcohol detox. Seizures, which are a very severe reaction, can occur in as little as two hours after the last beverage, but may take up to hours to appear.

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