Presley & Taylor



When Presley & Taylor sing, and fans hear their sibling harmonies, they experience beautiful music and experience the true bond of sisters and best friends. The duo’s dynamic vocal delivery and song selection reflect the good things in life centered on real life experiences, faith, hope and love. Original material, coupled with crowd favorites forge a true country sound that is unmistakable to fans. Complete with closely held harmonies, fans are treated to great country music performed in a new and energetic way. Faith, family, friends and country music have been steeped into the fabric and tradition of their upbringing and are abundantly apparent in these young ladies as the well-respected artists that they have become. Presley & Taylor’s professional career began with having a little fun with their talent at a local recording studio where the girls planned on singing a song or two. Three months and eight songs later it became clear that the recordings were not just another demo, but sounded more like a mastered record. The songs were presented to a Nashville based radio promotions company and resulted in four consecutive top 30 singles on the National Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Radio stations from across the country and listeners began embracing the duo’s authentic country sound with arms wide open.