Born and raised in Los Angeles, indie artist Ponta writes songs of self-love and relatable experiences of the human condition. After having stepped away from the limiting expectations of women in her Persian culture, Pontea has grown a loyal fan base and has evolved into an empowering figure for women in her own right. She has performed coast to coast and exudes independence from both an emotional and a sassy point of view. Her latest songs “Power” and “BHB” have been heralded as anthems of empowerment and embody her infectious songwriting & vocal abilities.
Pontea has performed coast to coast with live shows that are a must-watch as she captivates audiences with her dynamic presence and eclectic flare. In a set that features keys, beatboxing, and a rare hand pan drum, she summons us into her soulful, animated, meditative, and rhythmic universe – keeping us glued to her every move.