Music Speaks

music speaks


Inspiration can be elusive and fleeting. The end game, through Gary and Martha's inspirational talks, is to incite mindfulness and greatness into the audience and provide them with the tools needed to tap back into that powerful energy at will, to help them achieve their personal and professional best.

The music supports the takeaway of the story. Studies show that the frequency of sound (resonance) opens receptors in the brain of the listener, which are beneficial in their ability to ""playback"" the event.

Programs are generally an hour long, although we can customize to suit.

Through their ""special delivery,"" your audience gets 50 years of combined human potential practice combined with charted professional performing singer/songwriters, concentrated into one of many custom presentations, with stories and takeaways that will absolutely transform their lives.

Their message is one of personal growth, emphasizing that we can all harness positive energy to help meet our highest purpose. By reaching our full potential, we improve not only ourselves but the WORLD.

We live in a fast-paced, high-tech, immediate gratification society with SO many distractions, There is a new paradigm on the horizon - the experience-based economy, which requires that the audience remains engaged. Award-winning singer/songwriters/speakers Martha and Gary Alexander provide your event with an engaging presentation AND live music. Hiring both entertainment and speaker to kick off or support your event is a great way to mix things up. Set the tone with a uniquely uplifting and empowering show, which will resonate with your audience and make your event the success you know it can be. The BEST in edutainment!


Their mission is to make a positive difference in the World. To that end, their music and stories coalesce to inspire the audience to become the very best version of themselves. Their memorable shows leave listeners with the tools to access inspiration. As people become empowered and realize their highest purpose, the world becomes a better place. What if a Keynote Concert could change the world? Imagine if every person at your event came away with that kind of inspiration, you'd be the hero

Now offering virtual services as motivational speakers/entertainers.