Monica Warden

Me and My Friends Change the World



Monica Warden is the founder of and trailblazer for the Your Radical Quest sacred training platform. She has been immersed in scriptural study for over 40 years. While her foundation is in Christianity, she has studied scriptures and practices of the major world religions and spiritual paths including Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and the Hindu Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads - the eternal and most comprehensive spiritual technology that exists. In addition, she has spent 20 years studying and teaching self-development and belief management to a global audience via the Avatar Course as a licensed Avatar Master. Your Radical Quest and the Helix of Evolution are a divine gift from God that Monica has the good fortune of sharing with the world. Monica has lead Fortune 500 companies in advertising and marketing where she honed her presentation skills and gained expertise leading global brands and designing engaging consumer experiences for Toyota, Lexus, McDonald's, Ford, Starbucks, General Mills, Betty Crocker and Sony to name a few.