APCA Membership Policies

Article I. Purpose and Sensitivity

The purpose of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities is to enhance, promote, and reinforce the experience of students and professionals in the field of campus activities programming. To that end, we have formed the association to further the education of students working within this field of academic experience and facilitate the campus activities promotional process. We further state that APCA is an equal opportunity employer and that all members of APCA shall be expected to act in a nondiscriminatory manner with all persons involved in and all matters pertaining to this association. This includes but is not limited to discrimination as it pertains to sex, race, creed, sexual orientation, physical challenges, national origin, or any other socially insensitive behavior. Members are expected to adhere to these tenets in all APCA dealings.


Article II. Membership

Membership applicants must submit a membership application form along with all membership fees. An authorized representative of the organization seeking membership must sign the membership application form. APCA accepts no liability for any misrepresentation by any organization member or other persons wrongfully claiming to be representatives of applying organization. Membership in APCA allows participants to register for and attend all APCA sponsored functions (with payment of appropriate fees), subscriptions to all APCA publications, access to all APCA services, and eligibility to serve on APCA committees and receive APCA appointments. Membership fees are non-refundable. Basic annual membership fees are currently $299 and APCA membership begins on date of acceptance and ends on the next occurrence of July 1st. Any adjustments to this schedule of membership terms must be made by the APCA executive director. APCA reserves the right to accept or refuse membership to any individual or organization based on APCA evaluation of the applicant. APCA also reserves the right to terminate any membership if it feels that the members continued association with APCA would be detrimental to the achievement of APCA goals and furthering of association principles. APCA executive director will have jurisdiction in all such membership matters. Applicant agrees to forever indemnify and hold APCA, APCA executive director & advisory committee, or any other APCA representatives harmless for rejection of application or termination of membership by executive director and from any other such claims and damages arising from any such termination or rejection of membership by APCA representatives. From time to time, the APCA will, in the normal course of the administration of APCA, make revisions and additions to APCA membership policies, grievance procedures, prices, exhibiting policies, showcase policies, or other policies in response to changing membership needs and input. Upon ratification by APCA executive director, final drafts of these policies will be binding upon all APCA members.


Exhibit Hall Policies

Tables must be set up by 1:00pm on 1st day of conference and manned for ALL scheduled exhibit halls. Failure to set up or occupy table may result in table closure and resale of table with no refund to previous purchaser.

Exhibit hall booths WILL NOT be assigned under any circumstances without payment of booths fees. Applicant must be an APCA member in good standing to apply. Tables are 6', skirted, and include 2 chairs, a wastebasket and an electrical outlet. Exhibit hall booths assigned on first fees received, first choice of booth basis. The applicant agrees to hold the APCA, its employees, volunteers, agents, and assigns harmless for the enforcement of any membership, exhibit hall, showcase, or ed session policies. Configuration of exhibit hall is subject to change without notice and APCA reserves the right to make changes to the exhibit hall layout and configuration.


APCA Showcase Policies

An exhibit hall booth must be purchased for each showcase accepted. Booth fees and at least one delegate fee are due upon submission of conference application. Fees for showcase spots are due within 10 days of showcase notification. Failure to forward showcase fees may result in loss of showcase spot assigned to that booth and all corresponding guarantees of showcase for the exhibitor. All delegates and showcasing artists must be registered guests at the official conference hotel. See travel & lodging area of registration for details.

I. Types of Showcases Available


Mainstage: A Mainstage showcase is geared toward musicians, comedians, variety, and other entertainment-oriented artists. Any such acts may apply for this showcase. There is no price limitation on this category. Mainstage showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Purposeful Programming: A showcase designed to teach learning outcomes to students and advisors for the acts performing. Immediately following each act, the host of the showcase will explain the specific learning outcomes that can be gathered from that particular performance or presentation. This can be very beneficial for the performers on the Purposeful Programming showcase due to the added educational value the schools can take from each of the acts seen. Purposeful Programming showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Late Night Event: This showcase is designed for game shows, hypnotists, dance parties, or anything that cannot physically be showcased in 10 minutes. Late night events are one hour in length (extra time is possible depending on the conference). The total cost of a late night event is the cost of one booth and two non-meal showcases. Late Night Event showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Emcee: APCA is selecting professional emcees for showcases at APCA conferences. The emcee will do up to 2 minutes to warm up the audience at the beginning of the showcase and fill in time between acts as needed by the showcase production manager. This type of emcee spot costs nothing to the emcee other than registration for the days they are emceeing. However, this is not an opportunity to showcase. This particular emcee spot is only to serve as an emcee and host.

If an artist is already showcasing and would like to emcee their particular showcase, then that emcee generally does his or her full 10- minute showcase in the opening slot and additional time as required by the showcase production manager for setup in between each act. APCA strongly cautions against applying for an emcee spot unless applicant feels confident that s/he can keep the audience energized during fluctuating amounts of time between acts. Price is same as type of showcase emceed. Pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Roving Artist: Acts in this showcase category include magicians, jugglers, mimes, and other acts capable of performing in a "no frills" (ie- no lighting, sound, or staging) environment. Typically, these acts are given a designated area in which to showcase during educational session breaks, conference registration, entrances to meals, exhibit halls, etc. A roving artist may also perform in their booth (booth demo) during all exhibit hall hours. Roving Artist showcases are priced at $399 per attraction.

Booth Demos: Inflatables, virtual reality machines, artistic workshops, caricature artists, mentalists, sleight-of-hand, balloon twisters, face painters, and other non-musical entities fall in this category. If sound or traffic from a booth demo continuously effects the normal operation of the surrounding booths, it will be closed without a refund of any fees. Booth demos may be performed only during exhibit hall hours inside the booth of the act approved for a booth demo. Booth Demos are priced at $199 per attraction.


II. Showcase options

All associates wishing to showcase acts, products, or services must submit an online video demonstration for each showcase option for which they request a showcase spot. These demonstrations must be sent with showcase application and a link to the appropriate website must be included with your submission. Demonstration videos must be of an unedited, live performance and about 3-6 minutes in length. APCA will notify showcase applicants within 14 days of receipt of booth registration/showcase application as to which showcase options are accepted. The showcase option that is selected will be determined by APCA. All showcase fees are non-refundable upon notification of showcase acceptance. APCA reserves the right to reject any showcase option for any reason. If any or all options are unacceptable to APCA, associate member will only be charged for accepted showcases and corresponding booth fees per showcase. Exhibit hall booth and/or showcase acceptance will be at the sole discretion of APCA, with due regard to APCA sensitivity statements and category availability. Only current APCA members or their submitted artists may be considered for showcase selection.


III. Resubmission of options

Associates denied a showcase shall have the option to resubmit another artist or performer within 7 working days, provided exhibit hall booth and/or showcase spots are still available. If no resubmission is filed or all resubmitted acts are denied, booths purchased by associate member will be resold and assigned to other showcasing exhibitors. All refunds of booth and delegate fees will be forwarded to exhibitor within 30 days after a showcase denial.


IV. Showcase procedures

Specific showcase time slot requests are honored in order of conference booth registration: first-come, first-served. Sound check will be held on day of performance; sound check time to be announced by associate coordinator. Acts failing to appear for sound check forfeit right to sound check, and may, at associate coordinator’s discretion, be replaced by alternate and have fees forfeited. Any changes to stage plot submitted must be approved by showcase coordinator prior to the conference or at sound check. Live showcases will be 10 minutes in length for all showcase spots. Acts going over time allotted will have sound and lights cut off. Show call time is 30 minutes before performance. Any acts not present at this time may be replaced with an alternate act, all fees being forfeited. Agent representing act must be present with artist at sound check and during showcase. Act may not leave the showcasing area until authorized by showcase coordinator or the end of showcase. Failure to adhere to these provisions may result in loss of showcase. All controls of stage lighting and sound will be under APCA supervision. No acts or their representatives may run sound and/or lights without APCA authorization. Acts are responsible for setup and take down of any additional staging. Additional staging must be cleared by APCA in advance. All decisions of showcase coordinator in any of these matters are final. Firms & agencies showcasing acts warrant they have the right to represent act, have no legal barriers to acts’ representation, are authorized by act to represent them, are current APCA members, and are exhibiting conference attendees. Firm representing act must attend their booth during all exhibit hall hours. If these requirements are not met, showcase may be forfeited. All showcasing artists will receive one-day pass that does not include meals. Meal tickets for showcasing acts may be purchased for $25 per conference meal on the day of their showcase from the APCA registration desk. Artists not showcasing will require a day pass or full delegate pass to attend the conference.


APCA Cooperative Buying Procedures

APCA cooperative buying is a program that gives schools attending conferences the ability to merge their buying power, offering associates a block of booking dates in a specified time period in exchange for a lower price and sharing of travel costs with other schools. Travel and lodging costs may often be agreed to onsite by filling out a cooperative buying form and detailing the arrangements in the co-op travel rider section. Any cooperative riders attached to a commitment to block or onsite contract become part of the agreement and may not be changed without the consent of both parties. The time periods that schools can agree to set up a block are:

Isolated (A single date), 2 of 3 days, 3 of 5 days, and 5 of 7 days (X number of shows within a Y number of days, travel and lodging can be an additional cost or the price can be “All inclusive” of travel and lodging.) A typical cooperative pricing schedule in the conference program might be:

John Doe Represented by ABC Agency: Isolated: $1,500 2 of 3: $1,350 3 of 5: $1,200

5 of 7: $1,000 Plus travel and lodging. (or “All inclusive.”)


I. Types of Interest

Attraction Interest (AI) - This option does not commit either party to a binding contract, it only retains the option for the purchaser to purchase at the published APCA conference program price for up to 21 days after the conference. When an attraction interest is indicated on a submitted and signed cooperative buying form, the school has indicated that it is strongly interested in booking the attraction. If the interested school wishes to book an attraction at isolated convention price structures or join a block, the attractions representative must be notified within 21 calendar days. All requested additions to a formed block are subject to reasonable travel and time constraints as determined by the conference cooperative buying coordinator, with final approval resting with the APCA.


Commitment to Block (CB) - When a commitment to block form is turned in to the cooperative buying center in the exhibit hall, the school has expressed their interest to enter into a contract if a block of as many as two schools are interested in the act on the specific date/s they have requested. If the block forms within 21 calendar days, the schools agreeing to the block must contract at the block price listed for that number plus any travel and lodging, lights, sound, etc. listed for the attraction in the APCA conference program or agreed to by cooperative buying form rider. Block prices are only available to buyers who have finalized a contract for the block pricing.


Request Contract (RC) - Buyer has agreed to purchase this attraction on site at the convention and bound to the terms of the APCA contract signed by both parties. Both parties agree to honor all APCA cooperative buying process guidelines and procedures as set forth in the APCA conference program. Associate artists and agencies are responsible for contacting the buyer for a final contract provided by associate member or buyer to finalize the date.


Previously Contracted (PC) – The act is previously contracted by another venue. Though blocks may form around this date and those dates are subject to the listed pricing structures in the APCA program, the original contract will not be altered without agreement from both school and attraction representative involved. This form must be accompanied by copy of the contract acknowledged by both parties to be correct.


II. Notice of Cooperative Buying Options for APCA Conferences

These discounts will be offered to APCA member schools in an ongoing effort to enhance buying interest at the conference on the part of smaller schools. In order to participate in the APCA Onsite or Full-Time Enrollment (FTE) card discounts, you should indicate your intentions on the form. We will give you a sign for your booth onsite indicating your Onsite or FTE discount participation. Participation in these discounts is optional; used as an incentive tool for associates to encourage more business.


On Site Purchasing Discounts:

Participating associates will offer a 10% discount on any price published in conference program (isolated or block) to schools who book onsite by using either a request contract or commitment to block form. This discount is in addition to any block discounts available. Associates offering this discount will have a sign displayed in their booth. Onsite discount must apply to all members’ acts showcasing at conference.


FTE Cards & Discounts:

To encourage smaller school programming, the APCA offers the voluntary FTE (full-time enrollment) discount card program. Based on the full-time enrollment status of the campus, a school may receive between 3% and 7% off the listed price of a participating artist or other attraction. This discount is in addition to any other cooperative or onsite discounts, but the attraction must be booked onsite. The breakdown of the school population, full-time enrollment (FTE) discounts are: 9,999 - 5,000 FTE Discount - 3%; 5,000 - 3,000 FTE Discount - 5%; BELOW 3,000 FTE Discount - 7%.


These programs are completely voluntary. A listing of all associates offering these discounts will be published and distributed in the conference program. Additionally, all associates participating in either or both programs will be given signs to place in their booths indicating their participation. Schools accepted to receive full-time enrollment discount will be given FTE cards to present to participating associates when filling out cooperative buying forms. FTE discounts must apply to all of the member's acts showcasing at conference.


APCA Educational (Ed) Session Policies

I. Ed Session Options

An ed session is a breakout session for students and advisors that will educate them about some aspect of campus programming. These subjects can include, but are not limited to: leadership, diversity, event programming & planning, marketing, team-building, time management, etc. All associates wishing to present an educational session must submit an ed session proposal online here. APCA will notify presenters within 10 days of receipt of exhibit hall booth registration and ed session proposal(s) as to which ed session proposal(s) have been accepted. The APCA ed session coordinator will determine ed session selections. APCA reserves the right to reject any ed session proposal for any reason. Exhibit hall booth and/or ed session acceptance will be at the sole discretion of APCA, with due regard to APCA sensitivity statements and category availability. Only current APCA members or their delegates may be considered for educational session selection.


II. Ed Session Procedures

Specific ed session time slot requests may be honored on a first-come, first-served basis, but final decision on placement will be granted to the APCA ed session coordinator. Room set-up will be held on day of presentation. The APCA ed session coordinator will announce each accepted presenter’s time, date and room. Presenters failing to appear for room set-up may, at the ed session coordinator's discretion, be replaced by an alternate presenter. The ed session coordinator, prior to or during room set-up, must approve any changes to the room configuration or the changes may not be permitted.


Ed sessions will be 45 minutes in length for all sessions except keynote addresses. Keynotes may be 30 minutes or 1 hour in length, as determined by ed session coordinator. Presenters going over time allotted will be interrupted to make the room available for the next scheduled presenter. If the session starts late for any reason, it must still end at the allotted finish time, it must still end at the allotted finish time. Ed session call time is 10 minutes before presentation. The agent representing the presenter should be present with the presenter during the ed session if at all possible.


When conducting a keynote presentation, all controls of lighting and sound will be under APCA control and supervision. No presenter or their representation may run sound and/or lights without prior APCA authorization. Acts are responsible for set-up and take down of any additional staging. Additional staging MUST be cleared by APCA ed session coordinator in advance or may not be allowed. All decisions of the APCA ed session coordinator in any of these matters are final. Associate agencies presenting speakers warrant that they have the right to represent a speaker, have no legal barriers to speaker's representation, are authorized by speaker to represent them, are current members, and have purchased exhibit space at the conference. Firm representing a speaker must attend their table during all exhibit hall hours or booth space may be closed. If these requirements are not met, ed session/keynote may be forfeit and replaced by an alternate presenter. EACH ED SESSION PRESENTER MUST BE A DELEGATE OF THE CONFERENCE AT WHICH THEY ARE PRESENTING.


APCA Refund Policies

APCA membership fee is non-refundable. If accepted for showcase, showcase fees must be forwarded within 10 business days to the APCA office  or showcase will be forfeited and other conference fees may be lost. No fees will be refunded to applicants specifically requesting to attend without a showcase assigned to their exhibit hall booth or table. Must have one delegate fee paid to attend.

All delegates and showcasing artists must be registered guests at the APCA conference hotel. Applicant agrees that any legal disputes or civil actions arising from the application process, showcasing, exhibiting or any other aspect of their involvement with APCA must be brought forth in a court of competent jurisdiction in the state of Tennessee, and that any such matters would be construed by the laws of the state of Tennessee.


Questions about our policies? Contact info@apca.com