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APCA Exhibit Hall

APCA Exhibit Halls feature associates (APCA member agencies, artists, speakers, vendors, etc.) representing showcasing attractions and other products or events. All exhibiting artists must be APCA members and bound by APCA ethics and sensitivity guidelines. APCA exhibit halls will also feature roving showcases, booth demonstrations, and an APCA resource desk for cooperative buying information, programming resource articles, job opportunities, and other resource references. Exhibit halls usually run one hour in length a couple times a day. Please refer to your conference program for these times.

We recommend you read Guerrilla Trade Show Selling to set yourself apart from all other exhibitors in the hall. You can give away almost anything at your exhibit hall booth. Make your booth attractive! Remember, you have about 4 seconds to capture your buyer's attention so MARKET YOURSELF! Bring a banner, brochures, CD's, or media download links. If you choose to have a TV or a boom box you must bring headphones for sound. Your banner should tell people what you do. If you're an independent artist/comic, do something like clean comedy by John Doe. Have a sign in sheet so you can collect delegate contact information for follow up after the conference. Talk to the buyers that come to your booth. "What do you book, how much do you spend on a band or comic?"  "Come and check me out at my showcase." Take the list of college events planners provided to you before the conference and call or email them and invite them to check you out at booth number (?) for a free drawing. Advertise in the program!

Booths are usually 6' x 8' pipe and drape, include one 6' covered table, 1 chair, a wastebasket, 1 free electrical outlet (110v, 5 amp) and an identification sign. Exhibit hall booth locations are selected by APCA to accommodate an efficient flow of traffic through the exhibit hall. We do not allow any live animals, unless they are part of your programming (i.e. animal rental companies) or assistance animals unless approved prior to the event by APCA and the event venue. You must purchase at least one booth and one delegate pass to attend any APCA the event and an exhibit hall booth must be purchased for each showcasing artist.

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