Educational Sessions

2023 APCA NATIONAL CONFERENCE ED SESSIONS (Hershey, PA March 16-19, 2023)


All educational events currently listed are subject to change without notice. Specific ed sessions may be eliminated or changed to accommodate space availability, presenter schedules or other factors.

… But We Made a Flyer

~Jeff Gerstein, Penn State York,

This program will focus on marketing your programs/events to your student population. Taking initiative, risk taking, and staying proactive are integral after the program is booked. In this session, students will learn new ways to advertise, get excited about your upcoming events, and share ideas with attendees from other campuses. Hanging a flyer on your campus is just a start, what you do after is even more important.

10 Great Energizers!

~Jason LeVasseur, The Rock Star Project®,

Create a positive group atmosphere and enhance your next team meeting! “Energizers” are best used to get a group moving, give a break from long periods of sitting down, and excite your team about the next portion of a program. Use them in small doses to rejuvenate a group after a meal or after a long day before a meeting. Award-winning performer, speaker, educator, and camp counselor, Jason LeVasseur will teach you 10 great energizers and the science behind their effectiveness. These 10 great energizers are sure to be a hit with all of your student groups! Prepare to have fun!

Advisor/Agent Roundtable

~Marc Cianciola, SUNY Morrisville,

Join a conversation between Advisors and Agents about market trends and how we can better help each other and APCA to have more successful conferences and block booking.

Best Practices in Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students Through Campus Activities

~bill harcleroad, SUNY Oneonta,

Participants will … understand Null Environment theory … learn how to be inclusive from orientation to commencement … share ideas on how to include LGBTQIA+ populations into general programming … share examples of specific programming … share education and training and how to tie to the curricula. We will also discuss how to make sure that students feel comfortable at ALL events through use of language and marketing. We will present best practices from campuses and from colleagues who have shared ideas.


Blockbuster Marketing: Creative Ways to Pack the House!

~Del Suggs, M.S.Ed.,

You can’t just post a status update on Facebook and expect people to attend your event– promotion doesn’t work like that (and students don’t use Facebook!). It takes Creative Marketing! Looking for ways to get more students to attend your events? Are you tired of presenting programs when nobody comes? This session will teach you how to use the latest social network marketing– including Twitter, SnapChat, HootSuite and broadcast texting– along with the tried-and-true low tech methods of posters and fliers. Come and learn how to promote ALL your events. There’s no excuse not to pack the house! (Student Learning Outcome: After attending this session, students will know five new ways to promote their events.)


Breaking Down the Big Stuff

~Erika Petrelli Bayh, The Leadership Program,

Taking a nod from author Anne Lamott’s book by the same name, “Bird by Bird” is a reminder to break down our large to-do lists, our overwhelming projects, our yearly goals, and anything else that has us stuck. This workshop will discuss how we take our tasks, and our lives, one thing at a time. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in any category, this workshop is for you.


Building Your Audience

~Storyteller Odd?Rod, Metropolis Management,

As a touring artist, I’ve witnessed schools’ struggle with event attendance intensify over the years. Engagement is becoming lost due to several controllable factors. There are key elements involved with building an audience for your event to ensure its success that costs little. This Ed Session will touch on some of the ways I was successful at acquiring 200+ monthly attendees at an open-mic event while I was a student at UNF and held a full-time job. We can do anything we put our minds to, let me show you how I did it!


Building the Band – Teamwork

~Jason LeVasseur, The Rock Star Project®,

All leadership positions involve working with a partner or a group of people. Being part of a team is just like being in a band… in rehearsals, on the tour bus, and ultimately putting on the show. This session will help you avoid 3 common pitfalls inherent to building a team and proactively learn to work together to achieve a common goal. Award-winning performer Jason LeVasseur will share tools and team-building tips that he has learned from his experiences as a touring performer and speaker, a wilderness camping trip leader, and a program director of a residential summer camp. Come to this session to strengthen your team and “build your band”.


Civility Skills for Student Leaders

~Daniel Caron, Original Play, LLC,

Learning how to get along in daily interactions is an ongoing task. This includes working with difficult people in trying circumstances. We all need to learn how to navigate challenging interactions. So how do you learn about this life skill? Is there a class in your curriculum, or do you graduate with a certificate? No, you learn the fundamentals and apply them to practice. In this interactive session, we explore essential skills you can practice on campus, at home, and in the workplace that are about more than “being nice.” Many employers are looking to hire graduates who can effectively work with diverse perspectives, settings, and teams. This includes working with challenging people in various situations (think: customer service or that problematic boss). You can use the skills this session covers for relationship building, leadership training, and kindness campaigns.

Conference Connections: The Significance of One Person

~Daniel Caron, Original Play, LLC,

Can one person make a profound difference in your life? Networking, mentors, and chance meetings can impact your life direction. When you are open to discovering “people possibilities,” everyday interactions can create more than associations. These connections can be significant. In this session, we look at ways to maximize your contacts (including at this conference), find resources to assist you in your life journey, and explore soft skills you can practice in your leadership role. We will also examine how this practice can work for introverts (quiet leaders). Is there a person at this conference who can change your life?

Creating Community: A Place for Students to Feel Seen, Heard & Connected

~Dawn Daria & Paul Miller, Flow Circus,

Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has identified loneliness as a public health concern contributing to a rise in addiction, depression, and anxiety. You play a vital role in helping to tackle it on your campus and we can help. This session presents research on creating space to cultivate connection and belonging for students. And we take you through playful exercises to embody that learning and connect with your fellow advisors in new ways. We don’t just talk about community – we build one together.


Creating Service Excellence on Campus: We Never Get to Take Our Best Day Off!

~David Coleman, Metropolis Management,

The art of serving, teaching, engaging, and leading today’s campus community evolves daily. Whether it’s front-line support staff, faculty, administrators, or student leaders and staff, we all fall somewhere on the service continuum. David Coleman will share his strategies for exceptional customer service, including the “ART” of engaging service, the Strike 2 Theory, Rapid Response Service Recovery, how outstanding service directly impacts student retention and satisfaction, how to best serve our veterans, and how to make your impression L.A.S.T. Be prepared to learn how to become the Strongest Link, not only on your team but on campus!


Death By Meeting

~Dennis Leszko, Western Conneticut State University,

Research shows that the average individual in our society today will sit through 9,000 hours of meetings in their lifetime! That is over 365 days spent in meetings – not to mention the thousands and sometimes millions of dollars spent on meetings. This session will show participants all the different meeting types that can be effective in helping build synergy and consensus among team members.


Don’t Break the Bank: How to Stay Under Your Event Planning Budget

~Queen Sheba, Poetry vs. Hip-Hop College Tours,

Students and other attendees will learn from 20+ – year event planning guru, Queen Sheba, as she walks you through how to plan a fun, engaging, and educational event that aligns with your college or university values while meeting budgeting goals. Students will become engaged in this Ed Session as Queen Sheba demonstrates how school values paired with pop culture will create an all-inclusive, safe-space environment that can be enjoyed by all!


Emotional Wellness During Adverse Times

~Aidan Park, GP Entertainment,

Tools for Wellness During Adverse Times, developed and presented by award-winning international keynote speaker, wellness coach, comedian, and best-selling author Aidan Park, offers effective and research-backed strategies in providing support for emotional wellness during difficult times. During the lecture, Aidan shares his engaging personal stories along with actionable and effective tools for managing anxiety and stress. Topics Covered Include: Understanding the mechanics of happiness; Managing difficult emotions; Creating new thought patterns for lasting mental and behavioral change; and Recovering from setbacks.

Everyone Graduates – Working with Transitional Leadership

~Jason LeVasseur, The Rock Star Project®,

As advisors, we work with students who will, hopefully, eventually graduate! In this workshop we will explore the best practices in working with transitional student club members. How can we best help our clubs and organizations continue to flourish after our best student leaders graduate? How do we encourage new members to “take the reins”, accelerate their participation, and encourage them to take on leadership positions? From social media passwords to “succession notebooks”, this workshop is all about keeping the clubs alive and thriving in the face of the continual member and leadership transitions.


Filling Your Glass with Positivity

~Dr. June Hall, Time to APT,

Is your glass half full? That doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s in your glass. Don’t just say I see the glass half full. Learn how to fill your glass with APTing… Accentuating Positive Thinking. As a result of being APTacious, you can pull from the good to help you deal with the bad, have a better vision of what is wonderful in your life, help you remember that a hassle in your day does not mean a bad day and that a negative circumstance does not equate to a bad life.

Find YOUR Purpose

~Steve Hanson,

What’s next? Where do I go from here? If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions, you’re in the right place. This session is a great opportunity to help you identify the things that set your soul on fire, and will show you how to turn your passion into action. When we feel good about our choices and treat ourselves with the respect that we deserve, it allows us to show up in the world as the very best version of ourselves. Finding and living your purpose will leave you feeling stronger, more confident, and HAPPIER.

“Firefly” Service: Creating Extraordinary Moments

~Erika Petrelli Bayh, The Leadership Program,

We are all in the business of “customer service”, regardless of our role, our organization, or our industry. So what does it mean to provide “firefly” service? This workshop explores the impact of going above and beyond and offers practical strategies for participants to gain, and retain, a loyal base of “fans”– whether they are in the form of students, clients, partners, or anyone else.

Get off the Couch: Applying Mental Health First Aid to Prevent Crisis

~Chris James, The Chris James Journey,

Mental health first aid is a training program that teaches members of the public how to help a person developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis. This session will discuss how to help prevent mental health crises on campus with peers. We will cover mental health responsiveness and bystander intervention strategies. We will provide skills so you will be prepared to respond to mental health challenges or emergencies. According to the National Association of Mental Illness, there are nearly 44 million adults who experience mental illness annually and in result, depression has been documented as the leading cause of disability worldwide. Get off the Couch is a call to action in responding to mental health challenges and to motivate communities to become advocates for Mental Health First Aid.


How to Be a Successful Advisor for Clubs and Organizations

~Dave Kelly, America’s Student Leadership Trainer,

Clubs and organization advisors are the glue that hold everything together. They know the policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines of the school and keep their students on track. These are some of the responsibilities of club and organization advisors, but what else do they need to know to be successful? This session will cover the roles and responsibilities that help clubs and organizations to be successful, how the advisor can serve as a coach for student leaders, and much more! The level of advisor involvement will also be discussed.


How to Be the Best You? Ask a Drag Queen!

~Miss Uchawi, Metropolis Management,

Finding yourself is the hardest journey some people will ever take. No matter your skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or background, we all must find ways to be the best versions of ourselves. Miss Uchawi is here to teach you the basics and answer all those hard life questions that will put you on the path to YOU.

How to Go Viral & Turn Your Views into Attendance

~Cheyenne Olson, Hillsborough Community College – Southshore,

Everyone is chasing the views, but did you know you can change those views in to attendance at your events? Struggling to get people in the door? Learn all tips and tricks on how to produce viral content and turn your views into students walking into the door of your next big event!


How to Improve Mental Health to Increase Academic Productivity

~Chris James, The Chris James Journey,

Just like it’s possible to get a 6 pack of abs for your body if you work out and eat healthy, you can also get a 6 pack of abs in your mental health. This session will provide simple and digestible strategies to improve your overall mental health and how to manage it on a daily so you can in turn increase productivity in your academic career and in life. Things to look forward to: poetry writing exercise, the mental health audit. Don’t worry, we won’t actually work on abs THIS TIME!


How to Run a Successful Poetry Slam on Your Campus

~Ed Mabrey, 2 Funny Entertainment,

Open Mic. Poetry Slam. There’s so much more! Let’s talk about what you need to run a successful poetry event, who you need to run one, where you should run one, and most importantly, how to make it fun, exciting and get a crowd out for your event! From haiku slams to fashion slams to compliment battles, let’s discover what works best for your campus.


How to Spark Semester-Long Engagement

~Joyce Jiawan and Rob Einhorn, Metropolis Management and Promotions & Unicorns, Too,,

Are you using social media as your primary or only form of publicity? Looking for innovative and fun ways to break through the blinders that your fellow students are wearing while they walk around campus? This session will change your perspective on how to promote your events, get more involvement and take action to discover the next student leaders of your organization.

Identity Blindness

~Theresa Radley, Cortland County Community Action Program (CAPCO),

The typical campus community provides plenty of growth opportunities for aspiring student leaders, but acquiring and refining those early leadership skills requires a bit of self-reflection and cultivation. This presentation provides insight into three focused areas of student leadership development: Common leadership styles, recognized qualities of successful leaders, and the advantages of delegation. This will be an interactive presentation with core content being interspersed with participation from the attendees as well as real life examples from the presenter’s personal student life experiences.

Invite them All: Program for the 8 Play Personalities on Your Campus

~Dawn Daria & Paul Miller, Flow Circus,

Love having regulars at your programs, but at the same time want to attract some new faces? We can help. Appealing to a wide range of play personalities creates a welcoming and inclusive space. During this session, we share and apply the research of Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play. You gain insight about yourself, deepen connections with fellow student leaders, and walk away with exciting new programming ideas to attract broader participation.

Keeping Students Engaged

~Del Suggs, M.S.Ed.,

According to the National Survey on Student Engagement, getting students engaged on campus leads to better educational outcomes. Retention is a large part of the engagement quotient. Improving retention on a very basic level can result in dramatic improvements at higher levels. Getting students engaged with activities, events, and organizations can result in higher retention rates. Hold engaging events and you will see greater involvement. Help students form and run organizations that engage and inspire them. That higher retention rate among organizations and events will translate into a more engaged campus and increased academic achievement.


Leadership Lessons from Roald Dahl

~bill harcleroad, SUNY Oneonta,

We will be looking at leadership through the works of Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda and many more. In this highly interactive double-session we will watch video clips and conduct activities to showcase 11 lessons we have found in Dahl’s work: 1. You learn a great deal from those who are different from you. 2. It’s okay to be different yourself. 3. Being self-sufficient is important 4. Reading can change your life. 5. Sometimes, dreams do come true. 6. Two wrongs don’t make a right. 7. Appearances can be deceiving. 8. You should always be confident in your abilities. 9. Being clever pays off. 10. You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. 11. It is important to either make the best of your situation or do everything in your power to change it.


LEAVE NO DOUBT! Academically. Socially. In Your Endeavors and In Your Life!

~David Coleman, Metropolis Management,

The variants present in our life cause us to be resilient, believe in ourselves, hone our abilities, and choose a positive and productive attitude every single day. The challenges we face have led us to a precipice: Choose Courage or Fear? David will share with the audience how choosing courage over fear can become an automatic response when adversity presents itself. He will address: identifying, expressing, and exercising your purpose with pride, strategies for achieving academic excellence, finding, forming, and sustaining dynamic, healthy, inclusive, and mindful relationships (and friendships), realizing your leadership potential, delivering outstanding service, and executing performance excellence.

Liability for Student Events

~Paul A. Samakow, The Law Offices of Paul A. Samakow,

School administrators, teachers, and event coordinators in general may be liable if students or other individuals attending events suffer injuries. This presentation will outline the most common situations and how event planners can increase their chances of avoiding lawsuits, or prevailing if lawsuits are filed against them.


Limitless: Building a Better You! Tap into your infinite supply of potential. Sharpen the mind. Perform better.

~Sailesh, The Hypnotist, Metropolis Management,

Attend this amazing workshop with the world-renowned and award-winning hypnotist, Sailesh. This is the perfect opportunity to renew and bolster your drive, reduce pressure, and get you to where you want to be! Using proven mindful meditation, visualization, and affirmations techniques, you have an opportunity to build a better you. In preparation for the workshop, start by having an open mindset. Take the learnings wherever you go from now till the day you graduate and beyond. Bonus! The techniques will help you have the best sleep ever!


MAJOR EVENTS: How to survey, price, budget, offer, contract, market, advance & execute a major event in 60 minutes!

~Jeff Hyman, Degy Entertainment,

From the offer process, through contracts and riders, handling promotions and marketing, to talent handholding and ticket sales, this session will take you step-by-step through the process of building a successful major campus event. Attendees will learn how to evaluate buying an act by reviewing radio metrics, ticket charts, pricing sheets, and more — then will prepare an example offer sheet for their favorite major artist! Session will close with students walking through marketing plans & advance documents to prepare for the big day!

Mastering “Micro-Feedback”: How to Create Better Programming with Less Effort and Overwhelm Using Data

~Arel Moodie, Talkadot,

Learn how to streamline the process of gathering and utilizing student feedback with the new approach of “Micro-Feedback” in this APCA session. Founder of Talkadot, Arel Moodie, will share insights on increasing feedback, turning data into easy observations, and making better-informed programming decisions. Discover how to close the “experience expectation gap” without adding more work on your plate. This talk is perfect for anyone looking to improve their programming, whether new or seasoned in the field. Join us for valuable insights and practical takeaways.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Promoting On-Campus Awareness and Intervention

~Ethan Fisher, UnDrafted,

The onset of mental health and substance abuse issues is most likely to occur prior to age 24. Early intervention is key to long-term success, yet students on all campuses face the devastating consequences of unnoticed and untreated substance use/abuse and mental health issues. The stigma of diagnosis and treatment continues to lower the likelihood that a struggling student will seek help. Attendees will learn to combat this trend by receiving instruction in the signs and symptoms of a few of the most common mental health issues affecting today’s students (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorders).


Officer Roles, Responsibilities, and Transitions

~Dave Kelly, America’s Student Leadership Trainer,

Officer transitions often consist of the outgoing board waving goodbye as they run out the door! Effective transitions can make all the difference between success and a year of reinventing the wheel. Officers of all student organizations need to understand their roles and responsibilities so they can have a great year of leadership and position the organization for success in achieving their goals and objectives. This session will equip all officers to name and define the roles within their organization, to perform their leadership responsibilities successfully, and show how to construct a plan for officer transition.

Planning Sensory Friendly Campus Events

~Cody Clark, Cody Clark Magic,

As autistic, ADHD, and other neurodivergent students advocate for their needs on campus, it’s become a good idea for campus activities planners to offer at least one sensory friendly event a semester. Cody will share simple and budget friendly ideas for events which are sensory friendly and plenty of fun for everyone! He’ll also share tips on how to provide some level of accommodations at all your events and on how to collaborate with your campus’s disability department.

Planning Successful Small Events

~Jeff Hyman, Degy Entertainment,

These days, many Program Boards and Advisors are starting from scratch to re-educate committee members on the basics of programming and show audiences how to enjoy events again. It all starts with setting yourself up for success! Learn and discuss tips and tricks that you can use from start to finish on any campus event. Participants will learn basic tools in programming events that can be applied from day one after the session to a broad variety of on-campus events. This presentation will ensure the attendees will have the confidence and knowledge to set up events and follow basic procedures each time to build them and make them successful.


Programming Board – How Does This Help With Future Leadership Roles?

~Jason LeVasseur, The Rock Star Project®,

Student Programming and Activities Boards are fun co-curricular activities as part of a student’s college experience. But, how can these student leadership roles build skills that don’t apply to higher education and campus life? In this session participants will recognize and discuss their own leadership skill learning, honor the skills which they learned in their co-curricular activities (RA’s, activities board, Student Government (SGA) etc), and learn to apply them to “real job” interview and “real life” teamwork!


Promotions Beyond Social Media

~Rob Einhorn & Marni Striks, Promotions & Unicorns, Too,

Are you using social media as your primary or only form of publicity? Looking for innovative and fun ways to break through the blinders that your fellow students are wearing while they walk around campus? This session will change your perspective on how to promote your events, get more involvement and take action to discover the next student leaders of your organization.


Secrets of Motivation and Delegating Authority

~Dave Kelly, America’s Student Leadership Trainer,

Delegation can be hard for students to master. They often take the approach that it is just easier to do things themselves, when real delegation not only empowers members of the organization, but it can also yield positive results that no one expected. Teaching students how to delegate and let go is an important part of their development as a student leader. They will also learn the keys to motivating members to take responsibility, get involved, and be excited about the organization. This presentation approaches these topics with tips and techniques that attendees will be able to put into practice immediately!


Scavenging for Success: Games and Greatness in Campus Life Programming

~Chris Sparks, Game Overlords,

Ready to revolutionize your campus programming? Join Chris Sparks of Surelocked In Escape Games as he explores the Power of Playing and why games are the key to unlocking the next generation of entertaining, educational event programming! Sparks shares best practices from 6 years of running an internationally recognized escape room company as well as insights from his work with colleges and companies across the country. Let the games begin!

Setting the Stage for the Perfect Event

~Tom Krieglstein, Swift Kick,

The setup and design of a room can have as much of an impact on the success of a program event as the actual artist on stage. In this session, we’ll break down the most important aspect of event setup to maximize the probability of success. From the moment a student walks into your event, you’ll be able to grab their attention and keep them engaged the whole time.


Sixty Awesome Program Ideas

~Del Suggs, M.S.Ed.,

Do you need some fresh and affordable ideas for events and programs? Are you tired of doing the same old programs? Did you just have your budget cut… again? THIS session is for YOU! We’ll brainstorm and come up with at least sixty awesome program ideas that cost under $350 that you can use on your campus. Got some great programs? Come and share them with us! Need some ideas? Come and get a ton of awesome programming ideas! (Student Learning Outcome: After attending this session, students will have at least 25 new ideas for inexpensive programs they can present on campus.)

Successful Events 101

~Tyler Korso, Metropolis Management,

After honing his act for over a decade, Tyler Korso has learned a lot about putting on great events and is here to share that with you in a fun and engaging presentation. From how to set up a venue to managing your audience (and how to get one!), you will learn some standard practices and fixes for creating greater events, no matter the size!


Survival of the Littest: The Tik Tok Hip Hop Orientation Program for Inclusivity & Retention

~Bert & Det, Genius Potential, Inc.,

Genius Potential’s Tik Tok stage play “Surviving College” is the most exciting, engaging, and informational welcome week program in the college world! Skip the boring lectures! This hilarious & realistic survival guide engages & energizes incoming students with Tik Tok’s, rap battles, and a captivating storyline – all fully embedded with gems covering ALCOHOL AWARENESS, TIME MANAGEMENT, and GETTING INVOLVED ON CAMPUS! This choose-your-own-ending style stage play uses pop culture references as an engaging way to promote inclusivity on your campus. We’ve performed it for thousands of students and drastically increased student belonging, connectedness, involvement, and retention.


Surviving the Dreaded Student Affairs Burnout Factor

~Tom Krieglstein, Swift Kick,

There comes a moment in every Student Affairs professional’s career when it’s 1:00 am and three students are still in the office and you know you have to be back at school the next morning. How can you keep going? Those who figure out how to survive the dreaded Student Affairs burnout factor go on to amazing and successful careers in higher education. In this session, we’ll outline the key to helping you better manage the high level of pressure within Student Affairs and ultimately remain happy as you soar to new professional heights.

Tapping into Your Leadership Potential

~Matthew Patry, Castleton University,

The typical campus community provides plenty of growth opportunities for aspiring student leaders, but acquiring and refining those early leadership skills requires a bit of self-reflection and cultivation. This presentation provides insight into three focused areas of student leadership development: Common leadership styles, recognized qualities of successful leaders, and the advantages of delegation. This will be an interactive presentation with core content being interspersed with participation from the attendees as well as real life examples from the presenter’s personal student life experiences.

The 5 Keys 2 Student and Life Success

~Ethan Fisher, UnDrafted,

Ethan believes that these 5 simple keys can alter and improve your life. That is IF and only if you are willing put in the work. By implementing these 5 actions into their daily life, the student’s grades will improve, the number of classes missed will decrease and their overall future will begin to take shape the way they DESIRE. There is no magic pill, or magic path to success but given Ethan’s difficult past to his amazing career as a speaker, these 5 keys have proven to work in changing his life. It might just help you as well!


The Power of Interpersonal Skills

~Del Suggs, M.S.Ed.,

It is remarkable how important our interpersonal skills are in our lives. They effect every aspect of your personality and perception– that is, how you are perceived by others. Interpersonal skills include everything from your manners and habits to your body language and posture to etiquette. Having good interpersonal skills can assure you get the promotion at the interview– or a date for the Formal. This program will teach your student leaders the power of good interpersonal skills. (Student Learning Outcome: After attending this session, students will be able to demonstrate at least three interpersonal skills that will enhance their leadership/life skills.)

This is How We Pick the President???

~Jennifer Ambler, Parody In Blue,

How do we choose the most powerful person (and so far, always a man!) in the country? There’s so much more to it than just showing up in November every four years. From the Electoral College to why on earth we let Iowa and New Hampshire choose who gets to run, this presentation will reveal the dirty little secrets about picking the American President.

TikTok 101 for Program Boards

~Stacey Sottung, OnCampusText,

TikTok took over as the #1 most downloaded app in 2021 and is quickly overtaking Snapchat and Instagram as the go to social media outlet for students. Come get (and share!) some tips and tricks on how to launch a TikTok account for your program board and learn best practices to keep it engaging for your students. We will share overall social media marketing facts and show you WHY you should be on the app (as a program board) and look at some examples of campuses using the platform well.

Vision Boards: Create Your Success Plan

~Marissa F. Cohen,

Vision boards are an incredible way for students to encourage themselves to thrive and succeed. They give students a way to see their dreams come true and empower themselves to overcome obstacles and live their best lives. Vision boards are a successful way to encourage survivors to push themselves out of their comfort zones and overcome their trauma. In this activity, we use magazines, newspapers, photos, etc. and paste them onto poster boards for the students to hang or place in their dorms. It’s a constant reminder of what they want to achieve and will push them to do so.


W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Leadership: A College Student’s Roadmap to the Pursuit of Purpose

~Joyce Jiawan, Metropolis Management,

The W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Leadership Model provides a roadmap for college students to explore their values, build meaningful relationships, and contribute to their communities in a way that aligns with their purpose. It emphasizes the importance of personal development, character building, and academic success. The acronym stands for Why, Authenticity, Responsibility, Resilience, Intentionality, Optimism, and Respect. These W.A.R.R.I.O.R. principles provide a framework for students to pursue their passions, sense of purpose, and fulfillment to grow and cultivate their leadership skills, both in college and beyond, to make a positive impact in the world.

Ways to Leverage Campus Events – Take Your Influence to the Next Level

~Joyce Jiawan, Metropolis Management,

Influencers Unite! Whether you have a following or are building a foundation, this session is for you. Learn how you can leverage on-campus events to build your brand and increase your following. We’ll go over the various levels of influencership and social media platforms, define your niche and related hashtags, identify upcoming events where you can shine, and more!


What the Stress?

~Dr. June Hall, Time to APT,

Say Goodbye Stress; Hello Dopamine! Time to tap into the 3 Ms… movement, memory, and mood to reduce stress and reach your goals academically and personally. Learn simple steps to elevate your mood and develop a more positive energy when facing the pressures of school, adverse relationships, or the general stressors of life. Gain tips to improve grades, build better relationships and become more resilient.

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Include Text Messaging in 2023

~Dr. June Hall, Time to APT,

No matter what college or university, the story is the same when people are struggling with marketing their events. Flyers are white noise, “no one reads emails”, and social media algorithms are impossible to predict. A majority of your students will tell you they don’t attend your events because they didn’t know about it. This session will give you a hands-on look at how you can incorporate text messages into your marketing mix and create the ability to reach over 90% of your students in under 15 minutes. When you communicate with them, you will undoubtedly see your event attendance improve!

Working With Anyone: How to Create and Maintain a Healthy, Positive and Productive Team

~Marissa F. Cohen,

When you spend roughly 1/3 of your life at work, the people around you make a profound difference. This also relates to student leadership groups, like student government, CAB, SGA, Student Activities, etc. When you have a narcissist in your workplace, everything drags. They create chaos, distraction, disruption, and disjointed team efforts. There is a recipe for creating and maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. In this seminar, we address narcissistic personalities and identify the 6 fool-proof ways of working cohesively and efficiently with a narcissist in your office. Make any workspace safer and pleasant using 6 small changes.