Educational sessions are free to present with a paid conference delegate and exhibit booth or table fee (subject to approval).  Buyers want educational sessions on a variety of event planning, diversity and leadership topics. Role-playing and problem-solving tasks are used to give attendees hands-on experience with educational issues. Although not an opportunity to present a sales pitch, these 45-minute breakout sessions provide presenters with an opportunity to teach and broaden their conference exposure. View Upcoming Workshops & Conferences.

Topics include:

  • Publicity & Promotion
  • Cooperative Buying
  • Diversity
  • Production
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Commuter / Community Activities Programming
  • Student Leadership
  • Board Member Recruitment and Retention
  • Personal Development
  • Creativity and the Programming Process

Educational Sessions Examples

The following ed sessions are examples that have been submitted in the past. 

Campus Activities Legal Issues
Audience: Staff Level: Advanced
Attorney Adam Lambert will discuss various legal issues concerning college campuses today, such as risk management; the legal uses for student activity fees; contracts and riders; copyright issues; sexual harassment in the campus environment; and free speech legal guidelines. Mr. Lambert will explain the legal issues and discuss proven protective measures. There will also be a Q & A session. Questions and topic requests may be emailed to Mr. Lambert prior to the conference at LSULawyer@aol.com.

Playing Well With Others:  Dealing With Conflict In Student Organizations
Audience: All Level: Basic
Conflict can arise amongst leaders and members of student organizations. Rather than letting the whole situation explode and the group implode, this workshop will show you how to spot conflict before it happens, deal with it when it does and how to hold the organization together.

Building A Community Out of Classmates
Level: Basic Audience: All
Students on campus come from all walks of life and from different cities and cultures all over the world. So, how to you take a group of individuals complete with their own value systems, motivations, wants, needs and desires and form them into a caring community where everyone lives under one heartbeat? It's not easy…or is it? This program will combine elements of TEAMBUILDING and RELATIONSHIP formation with the ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY of the participants to create a highly enjoyable experience, which WILL help create a community out of strangers in mere minutes.

Business Etiquette & Know-How for Today's College Student
Level: Basic Audience: Students
If you think your fork is a shovel and your knife is a saw, you're in the right place. Welcome to the only business etiquette seminar you'll ever need - and you'll have a great time learning in the process. This is an EXTREMELY hands-on, interactive, and fun program that will share the do's and don'ts, the ins and outs, of what it takes to be successful in any business social situation.

Advisor Liability on Off-Campus Trips With Students- Management and Prevention
Level: Basic Audience: Advisor; Staff
This session is a comprehensive discussion about the inherent liability with transporting students to off-campus functions and the risks associated with it. In loco parents, privacy issues, insurance needs and limitations, and managing your personal and institutional risk, handling disciplinary actions and their possible repercussions to your professional career of mishandled actions will be discussed.

Planning and Executing Service Projects and Fund Raisers
Audience: Students Level: Basic
Want to conduct a service project or fundraiser on your campus, but don't know how? Attend this workshop to learn the basics of successful planning for these types of events. Participants will receive a step-by-step worksheet developed by an experienced event planner to help you properly plan any service or fund raising project.

Bigger Crowds and Better Shows
Audience: All Level: Basic
It takes more than just booking the Nora Jones or Train to have a great concert. Okay, bad example. But what if you can't afford major acts? Are your programs destined to fail?  Absolutely not! This session is a potpourri of promotion, production, scheduling, and planning ideas to help lift your programs out of the doldrums. Relevant to any type of program from major concert to coffeehouse to comedy club.

Membership Retention: How to Keep 'Em After You Get 'Em
Level: Basic Audience: All
One of the largest problems that clubs and organizations on college campuses face is member retention. Groups find a lot of enthusiasm and excitement at the beginning of the school year, but that seems to wane as time goes on. This workshop will show how you can help the clubs and organizations on campus to retain more of their members, resulting in greater student involvement.

Risk Management & Novelty Insurance Issues
Level: Basic Audience: Advisors; Staff
Having FUN is SERIOUS BUSINESS! Sumo wrestling was one of the first novelty or interactive games to emerge on campuses along with the Velcro Wall. Now Slides, Bungee Runs, Obstacle Courses and more are available to provide even more excitement and campus novelty events continue to grow in popularity. Campuses can continue to "PLAY SAFE" and this session will address the planning, risk management, and emerging regulations for the inflatable amusement industry.

Advising Student Activities Theory and Programming
Level: Intermediate Audience: Advisor
This workshop will discuss the role of the advisor, how to integrate student success into programs, how your program relates to your institutional mission, and setting up calendars for events, cooperative buying, basics of event preparation and planning, choosing what's right for your campus, and crisis programming issues will be discussed.

* Educational sessions presenters are subject to change without notice.