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Wayne Hoffman


Many programming boards have been tasked with adapting to a new environment. To help arm them with new tools, mentalist Wayne Hoffman has created two brand new virtual options. The first is his virtual mind-reading & illusion show entitled “Distant Deceptions.”

This show is completely interactive and involves the students at every moment. Participants will have their minds read, their futures predicted, and they will witness magical moments on the screen and through social media. The students who join will interact as a group and can virtually “raise their hands” to be selected individually, if they choose. This professional HD quality LIVE show is streamed from state-of-the-art broadcast studio and is sure to deliver. If you would like to experience the impact it can have on your clients, you can request a 3-5 minute live demo.

A private password protected link will be provided to ensure an intimate experience with security. The time length is completely customizable and includes a Q&A section. It also includes an awesome teach-a-trick segment that allows viewers to learn from the comfort of their own home. Your clients are craving entertainment and this is a fantastic opportunity to deliver it to them.

Wayne’s second offering is a virtual adaptation of his award-winning keynote “The Power and Potential of the Human Mind.” This highly motivating session will teach the participants carefully selected mind hacks from a professional mentalist. Using interactive experiments, Wayne will help the students with these learning outcomes:

1. Learn how to restructure your to-do list and make it manageable.
2. Learn how to accept hearing the word "no" and use it as a powerful weapon.
3. Eliminate negative thoughts of past failures.
4. Stop floundering in mediocrity and think bigger for higher achievement.
5. Find purpose behind your work and play.
6. Connect with others to collaborate and create amazing results personally and professionally.
7. Learn how one simple question can instantly move projects forward.
8. How to reframe isolation as a positive experience

During this motivating session, viewers will also see impossible magic and mind-reading experiments that highlight the information provided. This is a powerful experience that is much needed during these unique times.

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