Speaker | Spoken Word Artist

Rashid White

Rashid White is an Afro-Latino, Healer, Scholar, Actor, Motivational Speaker, Activist, Author, Poet, Educator, Artist, Dancer, Model, Photographer/Videographer/Content Director and Visionary. He focuses on creating art that places reflective emphasis on overcoming obstacles by shedding light on his truths. Rashid is a Graduate of George Mason University where we received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing, Graphic Design. Rashid joined the Brave New Voices (BNV) in 2012 as a youth slam poet where he placed 3rd in the world making him one of the top 16 international youth slam poets. In 2014, he served with Future Corps (Alumni of the Festival) and currently works as a Festivals and Programs committee member. Rashid has furthered his craft in multiple platforms starting up several of his own businesses: @sheedstudios Σheed Σtudios, Comfort Zone Café and is a creative director for digital content for Black Greek Poets.