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Maritess Zurbano: Hypnotis, Magic, & Tarot Card Reading

From the halftime show at the University of Oregon Men’s basketball team, to the conference room of The Paul Allen Artificial Intelligence Institute, to colleges around the country, audiences have never laughed so hard in their lives when the see their colleagues do amazing things under hypnosis.
Hilarious hypnotism show respects her audiences and improves their lives. Maritess Zurbano is the only Filipina-American professional stage hypnotist in the world. She has been profiled by Newsday, Lifetime Television, the BBC News and The Village Voice. She has astounded audiences for 24 years, performing over 200 college/casino/private events. She brings hilarity and entertainment to people of all ages internationally. Her message of self-empowerment is shared through demonstrating the power of the mind. Audiences are shown how improve their own performance in their personal and professional lives. This includes reducing stress, improving concentration, and fulfilling their goals no matter how big or small.

The Magical Arts Classroom – 60-minutes
Learn critical thinking skills. Think and see the world like a magician.
Watch magic close up right in front of your classmates and see everyone’s reactions.
In this class, master magician Maritess Zurbano teaches the secrets to introductory level mind-reading, Mentalism, and sleight of hand to amuse yourself with for hours, and impress your next video chat with friends! This show also includes high level magic that will not be taught, but as amazing entertainment for all viewers.

Hypnotism via Video

Feel the power of hypnosis, and suggestion, the sway of your own mind through video. Led by hypnotist Maritess Zurbano who lectured and performs internationally for colleges and Fortune 500 corporations. Surprise yourself with how hypnosis feels. Experience this with your audiences and watch their amazing reactions from any location in the world.
I’ll also field questions after the session. 45-minutes to one hour with unlimited participants

Tarot Card Reading:
Professional fortune teller, Maritess Zurbano was born and raised in Chicago. She is the only Filipina-American Hypnotist and Mentalist in history. With decades of experience in sophisticated divination, you can find her at exclusive events that include Microsoft recruiters, CEOS from Wall Street, buyers at Sotheby’s, and at colleges around the country.

She began as a professional psychic by reading tarot cards in coffee shops across the street from her college. As her expertise grew, she began fortune telling at corporate events, for exclusive gatherings, and years later, as a phone psychic in NYC as a fortune teller to celebrities. Zurbano has been profiled by several media outlets including Lifetime Television, New York Newsday, and the BBC News. You can find her opinion essays on magic published at Ms. Magazine, and The Seattle Times.

Zurbano astounds and surprises even the most skeptical clients and teaches divination to magic societies around the world.