Maiah Wynne Trio

After competing against each other in the biggest music competition in the Northwest, these three femmes decided to combine forces to form an all girl power trio and were awarded the second place prize. They have shared the stage with Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls & Dave Matthews and their music has been featured on NPR, KEXP, Amazon & Netflix.

Maiah Wynne is known for playing up to 4 instruments at the same time and crafts a unique blend of indie-folk, threaded through by her hauntingly beautiful voice. Dreadlight, a pop-rock duo known for their catchy relatable music, provide the harmonies, rhythm, and power.
Together, this trio’s ethereal vocals and fun blend of genres will have you singing along to your favorite songs and feeling nostalgic with classics. Sprinkled with some beautifully written originals, this power trio will leave you wanting more.