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Mahdi The Magician

World famous magician and inspirational speaker Mahdi Gilbert was inexplicably born without arms or legs.

As Mahdi grew up he discovered magic and it saved his life. Watching magicians do the impossible made him feel like he could do anything. Since his first magic performance at age 14, he has traveled around the world, sharing his story & magic, and giving hope to hundreds of millions; to the multitudes of every race, color, age, religion, and social status.

Mahdi spreads his message of faith and hope through his inspirational speaking organization, Living The Impossible.

Over 700 million people in 26 countries have heard Mahdi’s story and witnessed his magic. He has been featured on “Penn & Teller’s: Fool Us”, “The Amazing Magicians”, “Star King”, “IMPOSSÍVEL”, and “The One Show”.

Mahdi was awarded the Allan Slaight Award for being the first Canadian Rising Star in magic and the Jay Marshall Award by Magicana.A favorite at comedy festivals worldwide, Louis has recently won Gilda's LaughFest Audience Favorite Clean Comedy Award.