Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor

Some people know her is the former notorious Attorney during Black Lives Matter who defied the system, or one of the Top Female Slam Poets in the World, or the Professional troublemaker for the National Organization for Women, the largest Women’s Organization in the world.

People that have heard her speak in person know that this wasn’t always her story. Before she became Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor she was Caramel the sex worker. When you hear her speak live she tells an addictive story of resilience and how you can be your own superhero, even when the world thinks you’re a villain. People have seen her on TLCs reality tv show “She’s in charge,” CNN, CSPAN, BET, and on the stage of the March for Women’s Lives, the largest march in the history of the US for it’s time, but Live you get the behind the scenes of the real life version of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Find out how Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor went from Bars to Bars to Bars to Barz, yet no Bars Can Break The Unbreakable.