Jeannine Riant

Jeannine has a soothing voice coated with
compassion that exudes positive energy.
She has a smile that is contagious and an
grounding energy that draws people to her
as she facilitates women to release what no
longer serves them.

She loves working with women as an energy
worker, facilitator, speaker, and Akashic
connector! Her gift is to illuminate what no
longer serves you so that you can experience
your authentic vibrant self as she gives you
tools, support and resources to fully embrace
and own who you choose to be in this

Jeannine facilitates and guides your
audience on a journey inwards so
they can create change that will
move them towards their
magnificence. By gaining clarity,
being empowered, learning to trust
and aligning fully to their authentic
SELF along the way, they will show
up and be seen for the amazing
woman they are!

If you are looking for a speaker who will
connect with the women in your industry or on
your team and invite them to dive deeper and
shift their inner being to a more positive vibe,
get in touch with Jeannine!"

Alicia has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, multiple radio shows and podcasts, stars as the lead in multiple Independent movies and Best-Selling Amazon Author and co-author of multiple books on Amazon.com. Alicia has a mission to empower leaders’ step into their “Audacious Confidence” to go boldly in the direction of their dreams. Alicia is the founder, creator and host of a Live Multi-streamed Webshow/ Podcast called “The Audacious Confidence Show” interviewing influential leaders. As a Corporate Consultant, Alicia works with Individual Leaders and mid-sized companies to align their business goals with their current talent leveraging the power of brain science to unlock 100% performance. Her strengths are to elevate confidence in others, reorganize teams to ensure the right people are in the right seats, reduce stress, strain and conflict, improving communication to promote a happier, healthier work environment that is highly productive and profitable for her clients.