Game Show

GoPlay Virtual Game Show

GoCollege is an interactive app, on a smartphone or tablet, that engages students through challenges involving taking pictures and videos, performing wacky tasks, and answering trivia questions. The app also incorporates many challenges that invite players to connect with other students... all from the comfort of their own home!
Why GoPlay: College?
* Keeps interactions alive and flourishing by providing students with a wholesome and entertaining outlet
* Encourages students to engage with the school and other participants
* Creates social media content through user pictures for future use
* Customization is available to showcase the college focal points
* Resource to conduct polls or survey questions for the campus
Sample Challenges Include:
* Video: Take a video of yourself FaceTiming another student and playing a game of finger football... long distance!
* Q & A: Which school function did you enjoy most this year?
* Picture: Capture a photo of your at-home college roommate; maybe it's your dog, annoying sister, or even a pint of ice cream!