Evan Wecksell

Pandemic. Quarantine. Social Distancing. Economic collapse.

These are all terms connected to one virus that has left BILLIONS all over the world feeling confused, anxious and uncertain about what the future holds. In the interest of mental health and reinstating our sense of community, Comedian Evan Wecksell (The Goldbergs, Conan, SiriusXM, WWE, Glee) has composed a brand-new virtual talk to pose the question: Is the environment really that dangerous?

Pulling from his experience as a comedian who has performed in 48 states, an educator who has spent over 6000 hours helping young people, and a state senate candidate who discovered what issues resonate with a population, Evan has sculpted an effective but lighthearted program to address such issues as:
The Dangerous Environment
The Truth About ‘Fake News’
Who are the “Merchants of Chaos?”

Following that introduction, Evan will transition into revealing and practicing with students seven simple, actionable steps to better control the environment around them as well as a relieving exercise to increase one’s ability to handle any problem in their life.

By the end of this discussion, students will have a workable toolbox of easy techniques to go out into the world and help themselves and those around them.

You can feel sane during insane times.