Speaker | Spoken Word Artist

Drew Drake

Drew Drake is an Actor, Poet and Educator from Huntsville Alabama; focused on creating art that facilitates healthy dialogue for people of color. His biggest inspirations are Zora Neale Hurston and Fannie Lou Hamer. Drew is currently teaching with Urban Word NYC ( Poetry and Literary Arts Empowerment) , Illuminart (Arts and Theatre Organization working with middle schools and High Schools in Staten Island) and Rehabilitation through the Arts ( Arts Empowerment organization Prisons in NY State) teaching at Taconic Womens Correctional Facility. His teaching focuses on eliminating the elitism of eurocentric and white-centered art, and creating more accessibility to different mediums of art for POCs by using Hip Hop and Black Culture as an tool of exploration of English Language Arts and Creative Writing. Drew also released an EP " Dope Boys Love Hondas" in January and is working on a follow up " Untitled" EP set to release this fall. Learn more at www.thedrewdrake.com