Dr. Jodi Merriday

Dr. Jodi Merriday is an engaging and charismatic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Title IX and Multiculturalism subject matter expert, curriculum developer, trainer, speaker and curator. Over 75 Universities, Corporations and School Districts have utilized her curriculum for Trainings, Leadership and Professional Development Programming, New Student and Employee Orientations and Heritage Month Commemorations.

Jodi’s most notable skills include the capacity to bridge understanding, customize trainings and develop innovative keynotes that increase knowledge and address ameliorating rac(ISM), sex(ISM), heterosex(ISM), class(ISM) able(ISM) and xenophobia. She is a Social Justice Ambassador with 30 years of experience working in higher education, public education and government. A transformational career highlight occurred in 2014 when she was Appointed Ombudsman to Atlanta Public Schools for a two-year term following the cheating scandal. As the designated Neutral, she provided impartial and confidential recourse in more than 1,600 cases of conflict escalation. This body of work pivoted her to distinction as a subject matter expert, skilled facilitator and diplomacy whisperer. She is often called upon to moderate crucial conversations and create safe spaces for unpacking bias, prejudice, microaggression, trending topics, controversial events and incidents of organizational or community fracture.