Doug Fine


What You, I and Anyone Can Do To Mitigate Climate Change

Doug Fine-bestselling author, regenerative hemp farmer, goat herder and food security advocate, lives and write on his Funky Butte Ranch in New Mexico--42 acres of paradise, except for occasional wildfire and mountain lions. The great Willie Nelson calls his book Hemp Bound, “A blueprint for the America of the future.”

Building on Conan and Tonight Show appearances, UN testimony TED Talk and dozens of keynotes for his books Farewell, My Subaru and American Hemp Farmer, his keynote is as timely (and funny) as it gets: What You, I and Anyone Can Do To Mitigate Climate Change: how regenerative hemp farmers are going to save humanity (in the bottom of the ninth) by sequestering carbon and building soil.

Doug opens this rollicking live performance by saying, "I hold in my hand a 3-D printed image of one of my goats/yoga partners. Guess what? It’s grown from hemp. Goodbye Pacific Garbage Patch.

"Without Doug Fine’s timely and wildly funny keynotes, there would not be the same Montana State Hemp Festival. He’s always our first booking around which we build the whole event. We’ve had him for five years now and hope for a hundred more. Besides being a draw in himself as the leading voice in regenerative hemp and farming (planet-wide), Doug’s game-changing keynotes are the key element that bring our festival to elite levels. Doug’s humor and truth works in perfect harmony with the musical acts and the crowd loves it. What’s more, they remember it. His talks are family friendly, college-ideal and leave folks both entertained and with a game plan for mitigating Climate Change." —Erin and Shelly Crobar, founders, Montana State Hemp Festival

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