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Colin Chapman


Colin Chapman is a hypnotist living in Richmond, Virginia who really understands that hypnosis is amazing.

He understands because he's been hypnotizing people for over ten years.  Colin has also seen how hypnosis changes lives. He's seen it change his own life.  He also knows just how hilarious a stage hypnosis show can be and really enjoys introducing people to hypnosis while they're laughing.

His business, Hypnosis is Amazing LLC includes “The Hypnosis is Amazing Show” which is the entertainment side of his business and “The Joy of Hypnosis” where he uses hypnosis and coaching to help people help themselves overcome challenges and make changes they want in their lives.

By time the show is over, Colin may show you some things that may lead you to decide to change your mind about the power of your mind.   All while you're busy laughing.

His keys to survival and achievement are passion, perseverance and planning.

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