Musician | Speaker

Arsena Schroeder

Arsena is a touring music artist and educator based out of Charlotte, NC. After being awarded nearly $500K in college scholarship funding at the age of 17, Schroeder went off to college as a finance major where she interned at numerous firms on Capitol Hill, at Bank of America, and in the Dominican Republic. After completing her undergraduate degree and marrying her college sweetheart, Schroeder took a huge leap of faith and launched into pursuing a full-time career in music. Since then, Schroeder has accomplished much, leveraging her financial background to fund her career through upwards of six figures in grants and crowdfunding. In 2017, she founded Dear Soul Music Co. an arts & entertainment company that provides professional development and resources through workshops and live shows. NPR says, “She has the voice of an angel and the hustle of a Forbes 30 under 30”. She now sits on the Advisory Council of her local Arts
& Science Council.